Sell Your Old Car For Charity

Don't just scrap or sell your old car. Giveacar organises the donation of unwanted cars to charity. Free and fast process, nationwide collection and any vehicle wanted.


Giveacar is a not-for-profit social enterprise that can turn your old car into cash for any registered UK charity. They arrange free collection, then either sell your car at auction or scrap it.

The UK's first car donation scheme, Giveacar has won several awards and has now supported over 800 charities with the money raised from old cars. Over £850,000 has been raised so far!

How much of your old car's value will you give to charity? You can choose to donate all the money raised or send half to the charity and keep half.

If you want to sell your old car and raise money for charity, Giveacar do all the work for you. They arrange your car’s collection, get the best price and liaise with your chosen registered charity.

Visit Giveacar to find out how car donation works and remember it doesn't cost you a thing.

By Jenny Prevel

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