Stop the Export of Greyhounds to China


The notorious Macau Canidrome in China, coined the world’s deadliest dog track, is receiving thousands of innocent greyhounds by greyhound trainers, owners or breeders. The track does not operate a homing scheme and no greyhound leaves the track alive. Whether through injury, retirement or failing to place in their races, the dogs will be destroyed.

Stop Greyhounds being sent to China

Previously, hundreds of dogs every year were imported to the Macau Canidrome from Australia. For many years, Australia was the main importer of greyhounds to Macau. However, after a lengthy campaign by animal rights activists, Australia banned the export of greyhounds to China in 2013. Now the victims are from Ireland.

Christina Hespe, campaigner for No Greyhound Exports, told The Irish Post that "The dogs that go to the Canidrome are second rate. They used to put them down, now they can sell them to China. It is a good way for breeders to get some money for nothing."

The Irish government is being lobbied in an attempt to prevent further dogs being sent to China. In 2012 the Irish Department of Agriculture issued a policy against racing dog exports to Asian countries. A petition 'Stop export of Irish greyhounds to China' aims to remind the Irish government that its anti-export policy should be enforced.

GREY2K USA Worldwide, who started the petition, are a global voice for greyhounds with a mission to end dog racing, pass greyhound protection laws and promote greyhound adoption. The campaign has attracted support from celebrity activists such as comedian Ricky Gervais and former Father Ted actress Pauline McLynn.

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No Welfare No Export of Greyhounds

C.A.G.E.D North West explain: "These dogs suffer horrendous lives while bred for racing and no value is put on their lives 'other than money' as they are sent to countries that have no animal welfare laws to protect them from horrendous pain, suffering and death. Greyhounds, 'loyal, loving and once the most respected breed in history' are being sent to countries where they will be put to death 'possibly in ways more horrific than you could ever imagine', unless we act quickly to call an end to this barbarity."

Facebook groups are organising an international protest on 26th May. Set up to stop the exportation of Irish greyhounds to China, they are a broad international coalition of greyhound advocates from the racing and anti-racing communities as well as dozens of greyhound rescue, welfare and adoption groups.


A Facebook group called 'No Welfare No Export of Greyhounds' is collecting photos that will be turned into an album against the export of Irish Greyhounds to countries with no welfare, including China. The album will be sent to the Irish Minister of Agriculture, asking that greyhounds not be exported to countries where there are no animal welfare laws.


If you have signed the petition, submitted your 'No Welfare No Export of Greyhounds' photo and still want to do more, visit the GREY2K USA Worldwide Take Action page to connect and share the cause.

By Jenny Prevel

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Margaret Beckett
24 May 2016  |  20:46

Don't these poor dogs deserve much more than this barbarity

Ron Schwartz
31 May 2016  |  19:21

Don't forget the annual dog-EATING festival in China. Money sometimes is the root of evil.

01 June 2016  |  3:21

It is the love of money not money is the root of evil.

Louise Slack
27 May 2016  |  10:07

Incredibly cruel and totally unnecessary

Fiona Atkins
27 May 2016  |  10:10

Just horrible

Fiona Bennett
31 May 2016  |  18:10

I have three ex racing girlies. They are the most gentle, loyal, faithful breed of dog. Graceful, elegant, funny and just fantastic pets. I shudder to think of the way in which dogs who don't win races are destroyed. There is little or no compassion for animals in China. This export of greyhounds MUST stop, it's barbaric and unnecessary. Ban dog racing NOW!

Charlotte Desiderio
02 June 2016  |  20:34

I also owned the most precious greyhound, a rescue also, who was everything you stated about your dogs. This "Chinese" slaughter is beyond my comprehension. My dog is over the rainbow bridge. Enjoy yours and God bless you.

Francine Schnupp
31 May 2016  |  18:22

Please don't send to China that not good life for them they suffer really bad life

Richard Becker
31 May 2016  |  18:23

DON'T let these poor animals suffer!!!

Richard Becker
31 May 2016  |  18:25

So very horrible!!

31 May 2016  |  18:28

Horrible and barbaric! These beautiful creatures are living beings that deserve our respect, protection, and love! I am so glad thar there are good people in this world that support and stand up for what is right. Thank tou to all!

Claudia Rivera
31 May 2016  |  18:28

That´s awful... the dogs deserve better, a home instead to dead in China, were they will worth only for the money people could do..

Coutel Frédérique
31 May 2016  |  18:30

Les animaux ne sont pas des objets que l'on utilise pour notre plaisir ...
Ce sont des etres vivants, sensibles!!Il serait temps que l'humain s'en rende compte .....

Vergie Jurica
31 May 2016  |  18:31

What a bunch of barbarians . They should all be punished for animal cruelty! The country that is sending these poor defenseless animals and the country doing the dirty work.

Bryant Belli
31 May 2016  |  19:53

I agree they should be put in prison for life for doing what they do not right or fair to the poor greyhounds.

Wendy Shaw
31 May 2016  |  18:31

Inhuman!! They make beautiful pets & are very loving!! Who made you GOD!!

Coutel Frédérique
31 May 2016  |  18:33

Stop à l'exploitation des animaux

Bernie Byrne
31 May 2016  |  18:34

As I am from Ireland the Irish people wants this stooped

Lilly Eurich
16 July 2016  |  8:01

That is good that there are people like you in Ireland, that gives the dogs a better chance of living. Someday I hope this and other animal cruelty will end.

Sibylle Schwarz
31 May 2016  |  18:35

It is a shame that so many humans don't respect the animals that feed us, and further abuse animals for trivial human entertainment.

Edurne González Arrugaeta
31 May 2016  |  18:36

Esto es un infierno terrible para todos los animales!!! Basta ya!! Tenemos que abolir por completo esta tortura y crueldad! Esto es inhumano! esto es de seres sin Alma!!!

Iris Owens
31 May 2016  |  18:38

once again greedy cruel people a using animals to line their own pockets.

31 May 2016  |  18:38

Que le monde des humains cessent une fois pour toute de torturer tous nos Amimaux quelqu'ils soient ! Devenons végétariens ! Philippe

Julie Scali
31 May 2016  |  18:39

I am banking on some human empathy here! What have we become on this earth if we place no value at all on other living creatures lives? These are the gifts that God gave us to care for....and this is how we take care of his gifts?! Shame on all of you that have a part in this...or bless you all for making the right is yours to make

Bernard Schultz
31 May 2016  |  18:43

Some people will do anything for a handful of money. Let's keep these poor creatures away from them.

Melody Snyder
31 May 2016  |  18:47

I have been lucky enough to have been loved and loved a retired Greyhound. Best experience in my life. These are smart loving majestic animals. Please do what ever we can to stop this tragedy. God willing this will end soon.

Diane Watts
31 May 2016  |  18:49

The Chinese have no shame and as far as I can see no moral compass. But the Irish should know better. Shame on them.

31 May 2016  |  18:51

I really feel that the rest of the governments and the United Nations should start looking into the cruelty that is totally going on in China
Their ugle feast of dogs and cats
plus roosters, and now the grey hounds. Lets alert the UNITED Nations government.

Bev Woodburn
01 June 2016  |  7:54

Irene, I fully agree with you. China should be investigated by all Governments Worldwide and the United Nation for the unimaginable atrocities they commit against defenceless dogs, cats and all the other innocent animals they torture to death by the vilest of torture and suffering that they can commit.
It is pure evil and sadism at its worst.

Bev Woodburn
01 June 2016  |  8:04

I have two rescued beautiful couch potato Greyhounds. They are the most loving and gracious ladies. I cannot comprehend how these vile and evil Greyhound Owners and Breeders can be so evil and heartless by importing these precious Greyhounds to China who are known as the vilest animal torturers Worldwide.
The heartless and vile owners and breeders must be brought to Justice and jailed for deliberate animal torture and suffering. All this heartless action purely for their blood money and GREED.

Gregg Burns
01 June 2016  |  22:49

What is worse, is that China is taking over at least here in the U.S.. Most of our goods are from there and the trade deficit is bigger than ever. We keep doing business with them because of the cheaper cost of labor and production and corporations and private companies just do not bother about all the atrocities committed by them.

Gary Rizza
31 May 2016  |  18:52

There is no reason on gods green earth to send these animals to these barbaric assholes. It's time for the politicians get your thumb out of your ass and start using your brain. You let the Asian countries as well as the Arabic countries torture these animals and you do nothing. You're just as much a barbarian is they are. And the real pieces of garbage are the Spaniards. They believe the longer you can torture the animal to death by hanging them letting their hind legs touch the ground it could take days to die. The Spaniards to do this along with the Chinese and the Arabic countries should never be trusted. I'm sure you people already know this!

Jodi Bailey
31 May 2016  |  20:03

You're absolutely right. I think after the Irish government finally gets a clue and stops this senseless act, Spain should be the next target.

Pat Mims
31 May 2016  |  22:08

All the countries mentioned need to have something done to them to stop this barbaric practice and others like it.

31 May 2016  |  18:52

We have just not long had a lovely new member to our family Bowie, he is a rescue hound we were lucky to get him from the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary. It make me so sad to think that people only see ££signs instead of a loving great natured animal, It wasn't until we looked into the greyhound background we found out how HORRIBLE they are treated it so sad .

31 May 2016  |  18:57

Discusting !

31 May 2016  |  18:58


31 May 2016  |  19:00

All you dog lovers in Ireland of there is many I know please shout and scream to put a stop to this barbaric practice

Celeste Nieves
31 May 2016  |  19:00

This is a death sentence for ANY animal imported to the barbaric Asian countries. They do not consider animals to have feelings or suffer pain and are used horrendously. This must be stopped!!!!!!!!

Jodi Bailey
31 May 2016  |  20:10

I'm beginning to think that nobody has animals as pets in some of these Asian countries. Rather than love, respect and get so much out of having a dog as a pet, they choose to eat them instead. It's insane to me. Honestly, I wonder how these breeders, exporters and the people at the Canidrome sleep at night.

Emma Robinson
31 May 2016  |  19:12

They served you well,lined your pockets & you repay them by sending them to certain torture. Shame on you

Carolann Fletcher
31 May 2016  |  19:13

Animals whether dogs, horses, elephants, gorillas, etc. Are feeling bodies. We must be their voices to stop these barbaric practices. The Human Race is at a very low point when we allow such barbaric actions to be commonplace. STOP THE INSANITY NOW.

Sharon Ryan
31 May 2016  |  20:11

Shame on the Irish breeder who call their greyhounds 2nd rate and only worthy of death. What kind of breeding ethics do they have? If that's all they can produce, they should stop breeding!! Shame on them!!!

Mark Ackerman
31 May 2016  |  20:17


China grow up please

Jan Luistermans
31 May 2016  |  20:34

Keep the pressure on China to stop killing these Greyhounds as well as their horrible disgusting dog eating festival

Jane Goldstein
31 May 2016  |  20:38

This abuse must stop

Brenda Soer
31 May 2016  |  21:00

Thankgoodness for people like yourselves whose love for animals..goes
far beyond just our boarders...

Maureen King
31 May 2016  |  21:49

Heartened to see the support for stopping the cruelty and abuse of greyhounds and to read the comments. At the end HOW will you explain what you did /do.Certainly no amount of money will help you. Some people have already sold their souls.

31 May 2016  |  21:53

The abuse must stop!! 😡

Cheryl Bloch
31 May 2016  |  22:05

Please stop this barbaric treatment of our fur babies, they deserve so much more!! The hole thing, people thinking they can treat animals like this just kills me. I believe an eye for an eye that will show them we aren't missing around!!

Amanda Di Paola Cook
31 May 2016  |  23:09

I am the very privileged owner of two retired racing Greyhounds and they are the most loving, loyal, sensitive hounds. Wonderful with children so make the most fantastic pets. They do not require a lot of exercise and will fill your home with joy. Rehoming is the answer and NO Greyhound should ever be sent to die under such barbaric circumstances. Such horrendous treatment must be stopped NOW. No animal deserves such treatment and, as I look at my two beautiful girls it fills me with horror to think that, had it not been for a Rehoming Centre, mine might have suffered a similiar horrendous end to their lives.

31 May 2016  |  23:11

Leave it to the most populous country on the planet to also be the most barbaric on so many levels. It never ceases to boggle my mind how truly devolved this culture is even in the midst of the 21st century. One reason is that the internet is censored and western influences are prohibited. Ironic, that they also hold tens of billions of dollars of U.S. and world debt and are now buying and developing properties in the U.S. on a daily basis. We get almost everything from China and do hundreds of billions in trade with them annually, so why not petition the large entities who buy from them...i.e. Walmart, Target, and hundreds of other companies? This is where our focus needs to be also, not just to stop the greyhound trade but to protest to the generally barbaric treatment of animals and also people in China.

Monika Morgan
02 June 2016  |  0:39

Well said, that is a very good suggestion.

02 June 2016  |  19:05

All you dog lovers in Ireland of there is many I know please shout and scream to put a stop to this barbaric practice

Michael Hunter
31 May 2016  |  23:47

I dearly love Ireland and the Irish people and have both lived there and holidayed there many times, however, I will not return until this unjust practice is stopped once and for all.

Aricka Schulze
03 June 2016  |  22:20

I completely agree. I lovevisiting and having studied and traveled around Ireland. I also love the people. However, done spending my money there until this stops.
I've also boycotted any clothes or products made in China. This situation horrifies me.

Jette Joendrup
01 June 2016  |  0:31

China, do not abuse animals

Vicky I
01 June 2016  |  0:35

China is the most disgusting country in the planet. The people that live there don't have a clue what's going on! Do not support anything made in China.

Cristina Smith
01 June 2016  |  0:44

Do not send greyhound to China, They are going to be dead in that country Please have mercy of these gentle dogs

Sally Raugh
01 June 2016  |  0:47

Stop eating mans best friend,We need to st the torture and abuse against dogs and all other animals

01 June 2016  |  1:19

This is the world's problem and we are all responsible. Come on Ireland, stand up and enforce the law and stop this practice. Let's enforce a worldwide ban on greyhound racing.

Josephine Velte
01 June 2016  |  1:33

I have not read all the comments so I don't know if this has already been said. Australia has NOT BANNED the export of greyhounds. QANTAS refuses to fly them; that is the only reason that Australian dogs are not being exported to Machau. Don't give the Australian government credit that they don't deserve. It is at best a reprieve and depends entirely on the goodwill of QANTAS. We here in Australia are still campaigning for the Australian Government to officially ban the export of greyhounds. Perhaps you can petition the airlines that are flying the Irish greyhounds to Machau/China to stop as a first step while still maintaining pressure on the Irish Government to officially ban it. Hope you find more success that we have so far.

01 June 2016  |  20:45

What airlines in Ireland are transporting the greyhounds to Machau/China?

Tom Lavelle
01 June 2016  |  5:11

The things that need saying about the people that perpetuate these atrocities, at both ends of the chain, are not printable.Don't buy chinese and maybe, someday, the people will make them come to being humane.

Claudia Honigsztejn
01 June 2016  |  6:23


Janet Flann
01 June 2016  |  6:44

Stop this barbaric sport, should be banned worldwide.

Annette Jones
01 June 2016  |  7:11

Mahatma Ghandi said you can measure a country's moral progress and greatness by how they treat animals. I think that says it all about China and Ireland.

Bev Woodburn
01 June 2016  |  7:49

The Chinese are the vilest of animal torturers Worldwide. These Chinese monsters feed injured and unwanted precious Greyhounds to the Wildlife alive.They also inject them with poison which causes an unimaginable torturous death. They are also tortured to death in the vilest of torture and suffering that they can commit until these precious Greyhounds die an agonizing death and then their battered and tortured bodies are sold for consumption by these heartless Chinese monsters. .
Please stop the import of these trusting and loving Greyhounds to China. It is a death sentence of unimaginable torture and suffering.
And the owners and breeders who import these precious and loving Greyhounds to this vile country of hell and terror China known as the vilest of animal torturers should be brought to Justice and jailed for deliberate animal torture and suffering.
All this unimaginable torture and suffering purely for the owners and breeders blood money and GREED. Unforgivable.

Audrey McCarthy
01 June 2016  |  12:36

I totally agree with you Bev Woodburn, totally...

Audrey McCarthy
01 June 2016  |  12:34

The country selling these poor beautiful dogs (and the people breading them for this purpose too) are as heartless and show no compassion and no animal love whatsoever as the country who is buying them. ... So sad and so cruel, greed is becoming the number one factor for so much cruelty.. I am disgusted by Ireland, by China, by the people who instigate dog races or any animal races for a fact and even more by all the idiots who watch these races and pay money to see them and who bet... These people should all be sent to race like the dogs to see how they feel... I am ashamed to be a human being when all this is happening.. Poor poor dogs..

01 June 2016  |  12:51

Can some secret army force go into China, locate the greyhound drome, and open fire on all the people in there. Then bring the greyhounds to a first world country. China is a disgusting country. Ireland - you should know better - stop sending them, otherwise I will start wishing the above on you too!

Kimberlee Prezio
01 June 2016  |  18:23

This is not right CRUEL for money how EVIL gray hounds are very beautiful and regel they are so unhappy because they are so miss treated they should be pets not race dogs all racing should be NEVER aloud for entertainment and most of all MONEY SO EVIL just like the other comments I toldly agree STOP THIS CRAZYNESS NOW

Barbara Werding
03 June 2016  |  9:36

You cannot eat money! Stop this evil procedure...!

Barbara Wering
03 June 2016  |  9:37

Stop this cruelty NOW!

Mellissa Hodge
05 July 2016  |  0:02

For heavens sake please stop this cruel and insane act.

Dikte Ussing
21 March 2019  |  8:09

Stop it!