Stop Dog Fighting in the UK


end dog fighting sports

Even though the 'sport' of dog fighting was banned in 1835, it still goes on. Did you know that shockingly a dog fight takes place in the UK every day.

The League Against Cruel Sports have started a petition to try to put a stop to the cruel 'sport' of dog fighting. They also commissioned a report in 2015, identifying three levels of dog fighting:

Level One: Street Rolls
One on one fights in urban parks and housing estates. Likely to occur somewhere in the UK every day.

Level Two: Hobbyist
Often gang affiliated with gambling involved. Likely to occur somewhere in the UK every couple of weeks.

Level Three: Professional
Sophisticated dog rings with highly trained dogs of reputable bloodlines. Likely to occur somewhere in UK every few months.

There is a lack of collaboration between people involved in the different aspects of dog fighting, especially in the way dog fighting is recorded and policed. And as dog fights are clandestine, we are largely in the dark regarding these appalling activities.

To try and remedy this situation, the League Against Cruel Sports instigated Project Bloodline to discover the why, where and when of dog fighting. What they found was truly shocking - from feral cats used as bait to the secret trade of fighting dogs.

The report also concluded that unfortunately there does seem to be a resurgence of dog fighting in urban areas.

The PUP Plan

The League Against Cruel Sports have formulated what they believe would be an effective and workable National Dog Fighting Action Plan based around Prevention, Understanding and Prosecution (PUP).

Please visit for more information.

Tougher Sentences for Dog Fighting

dog used as bait in dog fighting

Dog fighting is not a thing of the past. A dog fight takes place every day in the UK. It is time for stronger penalties to be introduced, and for appropriate action to be taken against perpetrators.

The League Against Cruel Sports have started a petition requesting tougher sentences for dog fighting.

Please visit the petition, sign and share.

Cupcake (pictured on the right) was used as a bait dog in dog fighting. She was rescued and successfully rehabilitated. She was one of the 'lucky' ones. Please sign the petition for the sake of dogs like her.

Dog fighting is barbaric and we cannot allow it to be part of modern society.

Perrine Smith
06 September 2016  |  17:18

MUST be stopped

Margaret Beckett
06 September 2016  |  22:15

This is illegal and people who enjoy it should be thrown in jail and beaten every day

Lauren Bohannan
06 September 2016  |  22:29

This barbaric practice must be stopped. Those that take place in dog fighting are generally involved in other illegal behaviors. Ex. Drugs, abuse of people, illegal guns, etc.

Anastasia Devaris
06 September 2016  |  23:18


Jasmine Evans
07 September 2016  |  0:26

We have to get tough on the people involved in this disgusting activity!!

Sharon Davis
07 September 2016  |  0:42

Please stop dog fighting it has no place in today's society

Gene Tanney
07 September 2016  |  3:08

Agreed it is barbaric and inhumane. Tell me though how is the RSPCA much different? Let's call it like it is the RSPCA murders more pit bull like dogs that have done no harm in the name of breed specific laws allowed by your candy ass law makers than any dog fighter ever has but you allow them to continue. Seems very hypocritical yes? BSL laws or killing one just because of breed is no different than being a raceist.

Amanda Langford
07 September 2016  |  14:23

Cruel , barbaric we won't stop fighting to end this.

Tania McQuillan
30 September 2016  |  16:52

Dog fighting is not a sport, it is an excuse for cruel barbaric human beings to watch two defenceless animals ripping each other apart. What these poor creatures must go through in and out of the fighting ring is horrendous. It must STOP.

Maria Martin
30 September 2016  |  19:20

Just barbaric

Ruth Seager
01 October 2016  |  21:50

Not printable. Ban Dog Fighting.

Hannah Buck
03 October 2016  |  9:38


06 October 2016  |  17:22

shameful practice

Helen Fizz
14 October 2016  |  23:27

Cruelty at its worst carried out by evil people. Statistics show these people can be just as cruel to dogs or children! Sign the petition please!

16 November 2016  |  9:53

Dog fighting is horrific on poor helpless animals, these people are vile heartless scum.

Donna Jones
01 May 2017  |  16:36

We should have tuffer law's for animal cruelty it's a disgusting what they get 5 year's plus in prison is a great start..I'm an animal lover I don't like seeing those dog's go through hell suffering then they kill there dog's if they're in a bad shape..