Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival


Yulin It's No FestivalOn 22nd June the southern Chinese city of Yulin will hold its annual dog meat festival. Around 2,000 dogs will be slaughtered.

The dogs are stolen from their homes or snatched from the street and crammed into cages so small and with such force their bones will break.

They will endure multiple days of horrendous transport conditions and torturous heat, leaving most sick, dehydrated and, in some cases, dead.

Dog meat traders started the annual Yulin festival when they saw an opportunity to make money, but the event has attracted widespread criticism over cruelty and consumer health risks from the illegal trade in dog meat.

Non-profit organisation Animals Asia works in China and Vietnam to end the trade of dogs and cats for food and to improve the welfare of companion animals.

A public outcry saw last year’s event drastically reduced in scale, with the number of dogs killed dropping to 2,000 from the 10,000 of previous years.

China dog meat tradeIrene Feng, Animals Asia China Cat and Dog Welfare Director said:

"Opposition to Yulin has grown remarkably in China in recent years as dog ownership and animal welfare awareness has increased. People have seen that change is possible after the Jinhua Hutou Dog Meat Festival was abandoned in 2011 following widespread protest. The people have seen that change is possible and they know that both the law and wider public opinion is on their side. If the campaigners remain steadfast, then it will only be a matter of time before the Yulin festival is cancelled too."

Open Letter to the Dog Meat Traders of Yulin

Ahead of this year’s event, Animals Asia has launched #ItsNoFestival, an open letter asking dog meat traders to end the practice.

Please help Animals Asia end the Yulin dog meat festival and stop the slaughter of thousands of dogs by signing and sharing this open letter.

Just one signature can make a difference in helping save the lives of these dogs. Choose to help. 2,000 dogs are counting on you!

Open Letter:

Please end the Yulin dog meat festival, which has seen the theft and slaughter of an estimated 50,000 dogs since it was started.

Please stop the illegal capture and torture of dogs, and please protect consumers from meat that comes from diseased and poisoned dogs.

China is making great strides in animal welfare, but we believe this event is a stain on Yulin and on the nation.

We urge you to cancel the upcoming festival on June 22 and to abandon the illegal dog meat trade.

Thank you.

Sign here

Petition - Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

US non-profit animal welfare group Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project started a petition at calling for the cancellation of the event. It has received more than 208,000 signatures so far.

Sign here

Other Ways to Help

Help Animals Asia and Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project continue their work by making a donation.

"Your generous support can alleviate the suffering of many animals. Please give whatever you can afford."

Duo Duo are also looking for volunteers. Contact them for volunteer opportunities.

Raise Awareness

Let your friends know that you're making a difference by sharing on Facebook and Twitter!



10 June 2015  |  17:07

Disgusting. Dogs should not be treated like that.

Ian Gilsenan
10 June 2015  |  17:15

Its totally wrong, and they steal pet dogs

Sadet Erel
10 June 2015  |  18:09

boil the boilers

10 June 2015  |  19:54

Stop this barbaric festival. I wish pain and suffering to everyone involved and there family's. Disgusting, evil.

James Webb
10 June 2015  |  20:31

This should not be happening in this day and age.

Amber Scott
10 June 2015  |  22:37


10 June 2015  |  22:49

This is sickening! ! These people have no respect for anything...

Anne Page
10 June 2015  |  23:29


Maureen Clifford
11 June 2015  |  6:48

Heartbreaking and should be stopped.

02 July 2015  |  9:23

Be reyt. If it were cows, nobody would care. If dog tastes good, eat them.

D for Dog
02 July 2015  |  11:02

Regardless of the animal, the issue here is the way they are being treated, tortured and killed. It is not humane. They believe the more the dog suffers the more 'beneficial' the meat. We would not and should not approve of ANY animal being treated in this way.

02 July 2015  |  18:48

absolutly gross .stop it now .dogs are friends not to be eaten

Alf Billingham
02 July 2015  |  20:59

I cannot praise the chinese enough who demonstrate to stop this horrific cruelty. Animals have no voices so they need humans to articulate their opposition to this horrendous trade.