The Orangutan and the Hound


The true story of Suryia and Roscoe has always been a favourite. You can't help but smile at this adorable duo. One of our first funnies back in 2009, it is time to enjoy the antics of this wonderful pair again.

In this incredible true story, we witness the unlikely and rather hilarious friendship between an orangutan and a hound - Suryia and Roscoe.

Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe a Blue Tick hound met at a South Carolina sanctuary for endangered animals. They quickly became firm friends, swimming and playing together. Suryia even takes her doggie friend for walks and feeds him bananas.

Adorable heart

The Orangutan and the Hound swimming

Suryia and Roscoe

Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the hound have an unlikely friendship

Doris Dunivant
06 April 2017  |  17:16

Loved this video, this is what friendship is all about!

Jacquie Donaghy
11 May 2017  |  22:20

We met Roscoe last week in Myrtle Beach at the preserve and asked after Suyria and they kept changing the subject. Is there any way of finding out if she has passed away? Roscoe is adorable and very friendly. Thank you in advance

D for Dog
12 May 2017  |  9:32

I tried to find some kind of update the other month when I reposted their video but couldn't find any recent news. How odd. If she has passed away you would think they would just say. I hope everything is OK.

Barb Gardner
04 February 2018  |  20:29

I have inquired several times about the current status of Suyria and they will not give an answer. This is very disturbing. Also, I have inquired several times to find out where I can purchase prints of the photos - again, no answer.

20 August 2022  |  20:00

That's a bad sign. I looked around on their website and it's pretty clearly an animal-exploiting money-making enterprise for the owners and less a "sanctuary for endangered species." I found this little nugget of incredible bullshit while following links on their website: "Hercules [a liger--lion/tiger cross] is thought to have been the result of an accident on the part of his parents, who lived in close proximity at the Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, in Miami, Florida, rather than a grand cross-species romance." How on Earth would that even be possible, if not facilitated by people???
"Tiger Friends" is basically an animal circus where the animals are trained from a very young age to perform, according to their website. T.I.G.E.R.S, the Rare Species Fund, and Myrtle Beach Safari are all using animals to make money, and I suspect very little goes towards any useful animal conservation. Infuriating.

31 May 2021  |  2:18

I looked for information about the current status of Suryia online and found nothing later than 2009 or 2010. At Myrtle beach they love the babies ... I just wanted to see what happens when they get older. Some people feel that excessive human attention at a young age can cause emotional problems in these higher primates. I would think especially if they are ignored, sold to a less indulgent owner or some other fate when they get older.