How Dogs See with their Noses

New Law Tackles Irresponsible Dog OwnershipThis super fun and informative TED-Ed video will have you looking at your dog's sense of smell in a whole new light. Their vision may be different to ours*, but they make up for it with their amazing noses.

In this video you get a great insight into what a dog's powerful sense of smell means to them and also to us.

Detecting smells, smell history and even hormones and illness, their amazing noses open up a whole world of information that we are not as aware of.

So next time your dog is enjoying all the scents on their daily walk, don't hurry them along... let them relish in all the amazing information they are getting.

* Dogs don't see in black and white as the video implies, but they do have limited colour range. They can distinguish blue and yellow but not red and green. Their vision is similar to colourblind humans.