Terrier Tested - Squeaky Dog Balls


My terrier, Spadge, loves squeaky dog toys but only as long as they continue to squeak. As soon as the squeaker bites the dust or gets removed by his surgically precise incisors, he won't bother with it again.

Testing Chuckit squeaky dog ball

I've bought him every squeaky ball I can lay my hands on, with varying degrees of success. Mostly the squeakers just don't seem to be up to the challenge. However, there are two brands of squeaky ball that I want to show you.

Chuckit Ultra Squeaker Ball

Luckily my favourite dog toy brand, Chuckit, introduced a squeaker ball a year or so ago. I never got to test it properly until now as our dearly departed Berkeley was deaf and therefore had no interest in noisy toys. But our recently adopted dog Spadge, promoted to D for Dog tester, has been more than keen to put some toys through their paces.

His first instinct is to squash any squeaky toy in his jaws repeatedly until it 'dies'. As soon as the noise abates, he counts this as a success. I of course count this as another epic fail.

So off he ran with his new prize in his canine clutches. I decided to video the battle.

Here is Spadge testing the medium Chuckit Ultra Squeaker Ball laugh

Chuckit Ultra Squeaker Dog Ball

No kill for Spadge this time.

Click to purchase Chuckit Ultra Squeaker Ball.

Chuckit Ultra Squeaker Ball

Update - I was expecting to report that it had since broken but I am surprised and pleased to say it is still squeaking. Not only that but it has become an all time favourite. Spadge picks this toy over all his others, and he has a lot. I'm very impressed!

Kong Squeezz Dog Ball

KONG have brought out a new range of toys called Squeezz that are rubbery fun plus they squeak. Yay. The recessed squeak mechanism looks very different and innovative and claims to be more durable than standard squeakers. I was of course keen to put it to the test.

There are various shapes available but for this blog we tested the KONG Squeezz Ball. The colours are really vibrant and the texture is interesting - it has a soft rubbery feel. Much chomping later, I gave it a rattle to see if anything was loose. Nope, all was well and it was still very much alive, lol. So it's a thumbs up from us.

Update - Again, this ball is still going strong, which pleased and surprised me. Spadge doesn't seem quite as keen on it as the Chuckit one but has still given it a good squashing and the squeaker is still in tact.

By Jenny Prevel

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Caroline Chapman
07 June 2016  |  21:57

Excellent, I'll let you know how Tala, my Stafford gets on with it. Should be here any day now.
Will have to send you a photo or a vid.

D for Dog
08 June 2016  |  9:07

Oh yes, please do :-)

30 July 2016  |  10:35

Our Chuckit Ultra took a record 3 month's before Pip, our Jack Russell, finally killed the squeak! Amazingly the ball is still intact.

D for Dog
30 July 2016  |  12:00

All 3 of Spadge's are still squeaking. One day I thought one had been killed but the next day it squeaked again. It's a miracle, lol.