Casting Cats and Dogs Who Need Behavioural Help


Calling all cat and dog owners for a brand new 5 Star TV programme 'Cats & Dogs At War'.

Across the land there is a war as old as society itself - Cats Vs Dogs. But what happens when the battle between felines and canines makes family life a living hell?
Gobstopper TV are looking for pet owners who are struggling to keep their houses harmonious due to fighting or clashing cats and dogs. 
In the series, two animal behavioural experts will identify the problems causing the conflict between the cat and dog and provide a quick fix as well as long term solutions and advice. There will be a follow up check a few weeks later to see how the canines and felines are getting along.
Despite its' title, 'Cats & Dogs At War' will have a lot of heart and will be dedicated to looking for people who will really benefit from this help and experience.

Filming is taking place from the start of October with a couple of dates in November. So if you have warring cats and dogs and want to bring some harmony back into your home, don't delay. Contact or fill in their application form here
They are also happy to chat on the phone with anyone who is interested and answer any questions. Call 0161 518 0338.

TV Show 'Cats & Dogs At War'


Loretta Alexander
22 March 2021  |  21:13

Love love love your program was wondering if I could get some advice on my cats behaviour from team cat man if so please can you reply with details how I can message him many thanks

D for Dog
23 March 2021  |  8:25

All the info and contact details are above.

Alison Morris
25 March 2021  |  8:24

I am desperate for help for my 8 year old GSD who has an unhealthy obsession for cats. She has recently pulled me over and I hurt myself quite badly. If Iím not ready when she sees a cat she would do this each and every time. Iíve damaged my back due to her constant pulling and lurching and itís becoming unbearable. I love my dog so much but itís become so stressful when going out that if having an affect on my daily life. Please help!!!!