Virtual Dog Training Classes

Battersea have launched a new virtual dog training class called 'Skills for All' to teach owners fun tricks and techniques to keep their dogs stimulated. It follows the successful launch of their online sessions for lockdown puppies and adolescent dogs in September 2020. This new 4 week skills course is geared towards adult dogs of all ages.

Battersea Launches Virtual Dog Training Classes

Designed for dogs aged 6 months and over, the leading animal charity's new training classes will be delivered live online by Battersea's expert behaviourists and trainers, teaching dog owners some entertaining new tricks to exercise both their dog's brains and bodies.  

The classes will be held on Zoom, with no more than six dogs per session, allowing the trainer to give each animal and owner plenty of one-to-one guidance. Skills taught will include backwards walking, leg weaves and high fives, and are designed to offer a natural next step after learning the basics like 'sit' and 'stay'.

Battersea's Canine Behaviourist and Training Manager, Rob Bays, said: "One of the great things about running these classes virtually is that we're able to teach dogs fun and mentally stimulating tricks within their familiar home environment, free of any potential distractions and with the support of our expert behaviour team."

"With temperatures hotting up and owners on the hunt for fun activities for their dogs while keeping them cool, the summer months are the perfect time to get involved in our virtual classes and keep your dog stimulated in a safe way that's fun for you both."  

The next available courses are scheduled to start on 18th July 2022 and 27th July 2022, with three classes held on each day. The 4 week course costs £55.

To find out more or register, visit How To Train Your Dog The Battersea Way.

While these particular classes are currently limited to dogs aged six months and over, Battersea is there for dogs of all ages. If you have any questions regarding your dog's behaviour, you can call their dedicated pet behaviour advice line on 0203 887 8347 or visit their website for tips and techniques. Visit Dog Advice.