What would a dying street dog wish for?


Ol BoyWhat would a dying street dog wish for?

To be loved, just for a little while before he dies.

This video is so touching, I cried for the entire six minutes. It is uplifting to know that there are people who will go to such lengths to help this old dog experience kindness for once in his life before he passes away.

Born on the streets and never having known the warmth of a home or the love of a family, Ol Boy survived on scraps and was eventually found injured, unable to move and howling in pain.

A member of the public heard him and asked Save Our Street Dogs to help. What started out as a routine rescue turned out to be a lesson in life and death they will never forget.

Run free, Ol Boy.

"All sentient beings, humans and dogs alike, should be allowed to die in dignity." said Dr Siew Tuck Wah, president of the non-profit animal welfare group, Save Our Street Dogs.

Visit the Save Our Street Dogs website to learn more about their rescue work and how you can contribute to making Singapore a better place for the street dogs there.

23 August 2013  |  19:26

I'm not sure I believe in animal communicators and I certainly wouldn't have let Ol Boy die naturally because someone said that's what he wanted. In my opinion he should have been checked over, then given lots of strokes & fusses (& a comfortable bed to lie on)....then gently put to sleep. Are we really supposed to believe he 'asked' to be cremated...?!
I feel desperately sorry for him but can't help feeling it was just a publicity stunt for Save our Street Dogs.
Still - if it helps.......

30 August 2013  |  14:15

There was an error in the video and I could not watch it all so it was unclear to me if this happened in the USA . If so the Americans should be thoroughly ashamed of this. Could not one person take this dog in ?
This would not have happened in the UK