World's Oldest Dog Ever

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The Guinness World of Records have officially announced 30 year old Bobi from Portugal as the world's oldest dog.

Bobi world's oldest dog

Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, celebrated his 30th birthday in 2022. It has taken nearly a year for Bobi to be officially named the oldest dog on record at 30 years and 269 days old on 4th February 2023. His date of birth is truly astounding - 11th May 1992. So in just three months time he will celebrate his 31st birthday.

As a pup, Bobi escaped death and became a member of the Costa family against all odds.

A dog of Bobi's breed would typically live for about 13 years. His owner said his long life was due to a number of things including a "calm, peaceful environment".

"Of course our love and affection throughout his life has also helped" he said, as well Bobi's consumption of "human food".

Bobi has always enjoyed unrestricted access to the forests and farmland around the home and lots of social interaction with all the other animals.

You can view the official Guinness World Record news here Oldest dog ever Bobi from Portugal.



Trevor Thomas
01 March 2023  |  20:08

Happy Birthday Bobbi and congratulations on a long and happy life which Teddy my dog and I last a long time yet . It has always troubled me that dogs lives are so short and this proves just what is possible , I would dogs to be as long lived as us pair to an infant at birth and companion right through live to gether .