Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball
Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball
Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball

Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball

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Chuckit Kick Fetch is a durable, puncture resistant dog football. It is the size of a football, lightweight, bouncy, floats and won't pop. Wow!

Perfectly named, the Chuckit Kick Fetch is a big, lightweight dog ball that you can kick and your dog can fetch. Even if you are not much of a David Beckham, you will be amazed how far this ball will travel when kicked. Great fun for you and your dog.

The special grooved shape means that the Kick Fetch is so easy for your dog to pick up. And if your dog likes to try to Ďkillí the ball before bringing it back, have no fearÖ this ingenious ball is puncture resistant. It is not full of air so it canít be popped. It is made of durable canvas, rubber and compressed foam. It may end up with teeth marks but at least you know it wonít ever pop.

This ball is big. To give you an idea, the large size is similar in size to a football.

The vibrant orange and blue colours means it has high visibility. On land it has quite an impressive bounce and did we tell you it also floats. Yep, it is great for land and water games. Ideal for interactive play.

Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball is 

  • Easy for your dog to pick up
  • Puncture resistant
  • High visibility
  • Great for land and water
  • Large but lightweight

Two sizes
Small (for small to medium dogs) is approx. 6 inch diameter
Large (for large dogs) is approx. 8 inch diameter

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