Dog Water Fountain - Outdoor
Dog Water Fountain - Outdoor
Dog Water Fountain - Outdoor
Dog Water Fountain - Outdoor

Dog Water Fountain - Outdoor

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Keep your dog cool, hydrated and entertained on warm summer days with this fun dog water fountain for outdoor use. The Chill Out Garden Dog Water Fountain by All For Paws provides fresh drinking water for your dog at the push of a paw as well as cooling fun and games in the summer sun.

This ingenious and fun outdoor dog fountain features a big, wide pedal on the front that your pooch presses to activate the water stream.

The perfect outdoor interactive water dispenser for dogs. Fresh, cool water is just a playful push of the pedal away.

How can I keep my outside dog water fresh?

Bowls of stagnant water outdoors can be harmful to your dog. With this garden paw operated fountain your dog can take a fresh drink of water whenever they wish. And because it is exciting, you should find that they keep themselves more hydrated than usual, which we should all be doing, right. Woof!

Are water fountains good for dogs?

Oh yes. These aren't just for fun. Your dog can drink from this outdoor fountain. They help your dog to stay hydrated, cool and happy (it is so much fun). A must have during hot summer days for dogs who love water games or who love drinking from a steam of fresh water!

The easy push wide lever is suitable for all sizes of dog and the rubber on the top of the lever helps your dog get a good paw grip.

Outdoor dog water fountain

To set it up simply connect the fountain to your garden hose with standard quick-connect hose pipe attachment (not included). See set-up instructions above. A pressure regulator is included to manage water pressure.

Outdoor dog water fountain

It is that easy, so ditch those nasty outdoor water bowls and get fresh H2O at the push of a button.

Is a dog fountain worth it?

If your dog loves water games, they will love this. But if your dog is not keen on the wet stuff, they probably won't use this, no matter how fun their pals may find it. And don't forget to show your doggie how it works. Push the pedal a few times to show them how to get the water stream working. They will soon get the hang of it. Supervised play is best. My German Shepherd decided that hers needed to come inside, lol.

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