Hugglehounds Knotties
Hugglehounds Knotties
Hugglehounds Knotties
Hugglehounds Knotties
Hugglehounds Knotties
Hugglehounds Knotties

Hugglehounds Knotties

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Dogs love corduroy and these Hugglehounds Knotties are plush squeaky toys that are also hard wearing. These cute little friends may look like softies but don’t be fooled - they are surprisingly tough.

Choose from frog, duck, bunny, monkey, fox, lobster or seagull.

Their name comes from the knot in each arm and leg. Add to that multiple squeakers and you have a toy your dog will love. Natural tugging instincts are satisfied by the soft fabric, knots in the limbs and squeakers.Tuffut Technology

  • Plush yet durable corduroy exterior
  • Tuffut Technology® inner lining for extra durability
  • Knotted limbs and multiple squeakers
  • Tightly stitched with heavy duty thread
  • Reinforced stress points
  • No external seams
  • No small dangerous parts
  • Machine washable

Most dogs love plush toys but don’t often get to play with them as sadly they never tend to last. These are different. They look and feel soft but are lined with super durable Tuffut Technology®. Three specially bonded layers provide the body armour protecting this toy. The outside layer is a custom designed fabric that provides the great look and feel of the toy. The middle layer is a rugged sport mesh and the inside layer is a heavy-duty dense fibre material.

2 sizes for small to large dogs.

Choose from

Frog, Duck, Bunny, Monkey, Fox or Seagull

Small approx. 9" x 5" x 3"
Large approx. 15" x 9" x 3"


Small approx. 9" x 9.5" across the claws x 2.5"
Large approx. 18" x 15.5" across the claws x 4.3"

Each toy is stitched with specially developed, heavy duty thread. Hugglehounds also have up to 65% more stitches per inch to form a tight seal.

All toy shapes have their stress points, where they are most likely to rip apart. To combat this, they are all reinforced at those stress points with additional binding for extra strength. And there are no external seams that can be easily opened.

All details (eyes etc.) are embroidered for safety. There are no dangerous small parts that can be chewed off or swallowed.

You get a tough, durable toy that is still soft, lightweight and has lots of play appeal. Machine washable and tumble-drier friendly, at low temperatures.

Designed for appropriate play. No toy is indestructible. Supervise play and remove from your dog if the toy becomes damaged.

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