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KONG Shakers Honkers

Price:  £6.49
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product information

KONG Shakers Honkers are so exciting, with a floppy plush body, robust textured neck and intriguing honk sound in the middle that will drive your dog wild. Everything about these multi-talented dog toys is designed to satisfy your dog's natural hunt and play instincts.

The long shape of KONG Shakers Honkers makes them perfect to shake about, fetch and tug.

Each toy includes a low tone honk/squawk that your dog will love.

Throw them, pull them, shake them, honk them!!!

In three great characters and two sizes for medium to large dogs (or small dogs with an attitude, lol). Choose from duck, flamingo or turkey.

Please note the sizes below as these toys are designed to be large for shaking about.

Small Duck 10.5" x 3.75" (26cm x 10cm)
Small Flamingo 12.25" x 5.5" (31cm x 14cm)
Large Duck 18" x 6" (45cm x 15cm)
Large Turkey 16.5" x 9.75" (42cm x 24cm)

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