Ice Cream Dog Lick Mat
Ice Cream Dog Lick Mat
Ice Cream Dog Lick Mat
Ice Cream Dog Lick Mat

Ice Cream Dog Lick Mat

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This ingenious and adorable Chill Out Ice Cream Lick Mat is a great way to entertain your dog, providing excitement and a task to do. Great for stimulation, calming or to distract your dog when you want brush or bath them. As well as a fun game or challenge, these lick pads can also be used as a slow feeder mat.

This clever lick pad will have your dog glued to the action. Dog's love licking something tasty and they find it calming as well.

The idea is simple. Smear the lick pad with something yummy and, using the suckers on the back, easily secure it to the floor or a tiled wall or even the side of the bath, and let the licking commence. Spread peanut butter, purees, spreads, wet food, yogurt and other healthy treats.

Great for giving your dog fun, to calm your dog or to use as a distraction technique for nail cutting, bathing etc... It is perfect for sticky treats like yoghurt, gravy, soggy biscuits or dog-friendly peanut butter. You could even try some cooling summer treats like frozen yoghurt. Or put it flat on the floor and use it as a slow feeding mat at meal times.

Perfect for when you might want your dog to be entertained, kept busy or to slow down their eating.

The lick pad is made from food grade silicon. Multiple suckers on the back mean it can easily sucker to surfaces like tiles, windows, fridge doors.

KEEP CALM: Licking helps reduce anxiety and gives a feeling of comfort.

DISTRACT: Keep your dog entertained during bath time or a grooming session.

SLOW EATING: Food settles into the mat's surface dents which slows feeding rate.

COOL OFF: Spread your dog's favourite treat over the mat, freeze it and help them chill out in the heat.

ENTERTAIN: Keep your dog happily occupied by spreading goodies on the lick mat.

One size: Approx. 20cm x 18 cm (7.9 x 7 inches).

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