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LickiMat Splash Dog Lick Pad

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LickiMat Splash is an enriching treat time and feeding experience for your dog. Spread it with something tasty, suction it to a wall or the floor and let the licking begin.

These are similar to lick mats you may have seen before but LickiMat Splash is an innovative curved shape for less mess and to keep the licking contained inside the lick pad, so that means less licking of your actual floors or walls, lol.

Why licking? Licking is proved to soothe and calm. So as well as being entertaining and a great distraction technique, it can also help to reduce anxiety. LickiMat Splash is vet developed and approved by animal behaviourists.

Perfect for soft and sticky spreadable foods like cream cheese, pate, dog-friendly peanut butter etc..

This floor or wall lick pad is a great challenge, can calm and relieve boredom and is also a great distraction for your dog when you need to bath or groom them, cut their toe nails and so on.

LickiMats are vet designed and provide a perfect treat licking and feeding surface for dogs. Simply spread out a soft and spreadable food or treat on the mat surface or press it into the surface of the mat and encourage your dog to lick to get the reward.

LickiMat Splash dog licking mat is made from strong natural rubber and suctions firmly to any smooth horizontal or vertical surface (tiles, glass, metal etc..).

The perfect challenge for energetic or bored dogs, calming activity for anxious dogs or distraction technique when you need to bath or groom your dog, cut their claws and more. You can even take it to the vets if your dog is allergic to medical coats. Woof!

  • Enriching treat experience
  • Innovative design for less mess
  • Boredom busting
  • Anxiety-reducing
  • Calming
  • Training aid
  • Suitable for any size of dog

Try yummy spreads, dog-friendly peanut butter or even wet food. Smear it into the grooves on the inside of the mat and pop in place for your dog to enjoy. You can even load it up and freeze it to make it even more challenging or to make a cool treat on a hot day.

On the back is a large heavy-grip suction cap. Simply wet the sucker and press LickiMat Splash to the surface.

Cats love them too but shhhh, don't tell the dog!

Suitable for any sized dog (or cat). Size approx. 19cm x 5.5cm.

Microwave, dishwasher safe (in the lower tray) and freezer-friendly. Recyclable rubber.

Made from non-toxic human grade natural rubber (TPR). Does not contain silicone or toxic substances.

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