KONG Rewards Wally Treat Toy
KONG Rewards Wally Treat Toy
KONG Rewards Wally Treat Toy
KONG Rewards Wally Treat Toy

KONG Rewards Wally Treat Toy

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KONG Rewards Wally is the perfect way to keep your dog busy and engaged in a fun activity, improving their mood and their feeling of well-being. The perfect boredom buster for dogs who love to be active, who love to scavenge or love a treat challenge. Simply insert the treats or dry kibble into the toy and watch your dog play for the reward. They will love it.

This dog treat dispenser is also an excellent dog bowl alternative, acting like a slow feeder for dog's who eat too fast. Use KONG Rewards Wally to feed your dog their dry kibble. Wally holds up to one cup of kibble so you can feed some or all of your dog's meal to them in this ingenious toy. It is great for fast eaters, dogs who gobble their food too quickly or simply as a way to turn any dog's dinner time into a fun game.

The motion when nudged and the unpredictable movement adds to the excitement and keeps your dog engaged in the game. A moving treat dispenser for dogs that will spark your dog's natural foraging instincts. It is literally a game with a treats or kibble as the reward. Playing with your food is finally allowed. Woof!

KONG Rewards Wally rolls across the floor in a slow and steady movement when nudged by your dog's nose or paws. As it rolls it gradually dispenses the kibble or treats you have placed inside. The unique exterior creates an unpredictable motion which your dog will love.

Use as a fun treat dispenser for dogs or as a 1-cup slow feeder food bowl alternative to help manage your dog's weight and eating speed, extending mealtimes in a fun way that your dog will enjoy.

  • Unpredictable treat dispenser
  • Alternative slow feed dog bowl
  • Steady motion extends engagement
  • Grippy material for quieter play
  • Holds up to 1 cup of dog kibble
  • Unscrews for filling and washing

Some dogs treat toys can be noisy and clatter on the floor as they roll. The outer grippy material on Wally helps to reduce noise for quieter play.

One size: Medium / Large (approx 5 x 5 inches)

Easily unscrews for filling and so you can give the toy a thorough hand washing.

KONG Rewards Wally treat dispensing dog toy

This is not a chew toy. Please supervise play and show your dog how to roll the toy to access the treats.

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