KONG Spiral Stick Dog Treat Toy
KONG Spiral Stick Dog Treat Toy

KONG Spiral Stick Dog Treat Toy

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KONG Spiral Stick is an interactive treat toy designed to keep your dog entertained and challenged. Dogs love mental stimulation and your dog will love playing with this toy and getting the treat rewards as they play. A fun and stimulating puzzle for your dog to enjoy.

As your dog rolls and moves this spiral shaped rubbery toy around, treats randomly dispense from the holes in the tube. Woof!

The twisted spiral shape gives the toy a unique rolling motion which captivates a dog’s natural foraging instincts, providing rewarding mental and physical stimulation. The unpredictable movement keeps dogs engaged in healthy, active play.

Your dog can move, roll or shake the toy to dispense the treats. Simply insert treats for fun games or kibble to turn meals into an exciting challenge.

  • Treat-dispensing toy for mental and physical stimulation
  • Unique spiral shape with exciting roll action and unpredictable movement
  • Challenging and rewarding
Small 9.8" x 2.5"
Large 11.75" x 3"

This is a pliable rubbery dog toy designed for appropriate interactive treat dispensing play where the dog moves, rolls or shakes the toy to get the treats out. It is not a chew toy and is not suitable for destructive play. Please supervise your dog and teach them how to use the toy appropriately.

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