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Masai Beaded Dog Collar - Pastel

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Masai Beaded Dog LeadMasai Beaded Dog Lead
Price:  £24.99

product information

Stunning leather dog collars made by the tribes people of magical and beautiful Kenya. This pretty 'Pastel' collar is made with shades of soft pinks, yellows, oranges, greens and blue coloured beads in various patterns and designs. No single collar is ever the same. Incredibly beautiful.

Masai people have beaded necklaces and wristbands for decades to tell a story of the wearer, their social and marital status, age and key events in their life.

The Masai women handcraft each individual collar using quality dark brown leather which they adorn with beads. A second layer of leather is then glued and sewn to the back. The collars also feature hand-cast buckles and clasps. Very special and stunning to wear.

Please note that the bead colours and designs vary from collar to collar and from those pictured. The images simply give an idea of the colours of the beads used and the variety of designs.

Collar Sizing

These collars are measured in inches from the base of the brass buckle to the middle hole, for example the 13" collar will fit neck approx 12-14.25 inches (see size guide below).

Buckle to middle holeTo fit neckCollar width 
10"approx 9" to 11.25"0.5" (1.5cm)Terrier Collar
12"approx 11" to 13"0.5" (1.5cm)Terrier Collar
13"approx 12" to 14.25"0.75" (2cm)Terrier Collar
16"approx 15" to 17.25"0.75" (2cm)Spaniel Collar
16" Broadapprox 15" to 17.25"1" (2.5cm)Spaniel Collar
19"approx 17" to 20.25"0.75" (2cm)Labrador Collar
19" Broadapprox 17" to 20.25"1" (2.5cm)Labrador Collar

collar lengths

Please also note the collar widths and the broad (wider) options for larger dogs.

Masai beaded leather dog collars

Leather Care

Treat the leather well and it will grow even more beautiful with age. To clean, rinse in warm water then treat with Neatsfoot Oil for waterproofing or saddle soap. This will keep the leather healthy and supple. Avoid contact with salt (sea) water and chemicals (e.g. cleaning products, flea treatments).

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