Adopted Golden Oldie Competition


Win an awesome mega bumper bundle of goodies for your dog worth over £3,500 plus some goodies for the rescue centre that rehomed them.

If you currently live with a rescue dog adopted from a rehoming centre in the UK, this is your chance to win your faithful companion an incredible bundle of prizes.

Adopted Golden Oldie CompetitionThe Good Vet & Pet Guide have have launched a fabulous competition aimed at raising awareness that older rescue dogs can make fantastic pets. Older dogs are sadly often overlooked by people looking for a new companion and we all want to help change that.

They want to hear from people who have rescued an older dog. The dog with the best story will win a massive and very impressive selection of goodies and the rescue shelter will also receive lots of publicity and some items to help make their lives a little easier.

Of course, D for Dog have provided a prize, especially with older dogs in mind. We have donated a brand new Premium Memory Foam Dog Mattress which helps eliminate pressure points and ease aching joints. It is ideal for elderly dogs, dogs suffering with arthritis or any dog that loves to relax and sleep in ultimate comfort. Woof!

The mega prize bundle for the winning oldie is worth over £3,500 and includes an impressive range of incredible gifts from dog accessories and a doggie photo-shoot to the chance to star in their very own Superstar Pets Movie.

Not only that but Pup Aid supremo Marc Abraham (aka Marc the Vet) will be presenting the prizes to the winning dog and rescue centre on Monday 22nd February.

The competition runs from 18th January to 14th February 2016.

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Naomi Saxon
31 January 2016  |  7:51

What a lovely generous prize and how lovely that its for dogs :)
Would love to win for our rescued staffie, she is very much loved and now has a 'forever' home. Thanks

Yvonne Craw
01 February 2016  |  13:31

Our two dogs are rescue dogs both from different kennels but they great together and our furry babies

Aisha Mostafa
01 February 2016  |  20:57

My little love is not eligible to enter this contest because I took him from the street in Spain. He had been abandoned and had lived in the street for two years. He is about 10 years old and is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. He takes me for long walks every day, we have discovered new places and people together and through this I have joined an active woodland conservation group. This old dog had made my new retirement into a healthy and interesting existence.