Compulsory Dog Microchipping In Wales

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Compulsory Dog MicrochippingFollowing the announcement that the microchipping of dogs in England will be compulsory from April 2016, the Welsh Government has today announced that all dogs in Wales must be microchipped by March 2015.

Dogs Trust, the UK's largest dog welfare charity, have responded to the decision on complusory microchipping in Wales by welcoming the move.

Dogs Trust has long campaigned for the introduction of compulsory microchipping, which they say is the most effective way of ensuring lost dogs are returned to their owners.

The compulsory permanent identification of all dogs means that more dogs found lost or straying can be returned to their owners and in a timelier manner. The total number of stray dogs in Wales increased from 9,482 in 2011 to 10,230 in 2012, equating to a staggering 28 dogs being picked up each day by Local Authorities in the country. They believe compulsory microchipping will help reduce the burden on animal welfare charities and reduce the cost to local authorities of kennelling.

Welcoming the Government's announcement, Dogs Trust CEO Clarissa Baldwin OBE said:

"For many years Dogs Trust has led the campaign for the introduction of compulsory microchipping and we are delighted with the decision the Welsh Government has made on this important issue for dog welfare.

"Reducing the stray dog population in Wales and throughout the UK is at the very heart of what Dogs Trust does, which is why we have committed a considerable amount of money to ensure no dog owners in Wales will lack the financial ability to microchip their dog. Currently, microchipping involves a minimal one-off cost, but the benefits last a life-time.

"The reality is that no matter how responsible an owner you are there is a chance your dog could get lost or stolen. Microchipping is the most effective way to assist in a lost dog being returned to their owner. Whether it's an abandoned stray or much loved family pet, there is no such thing as hierarchy in dog pounds."

Chip facts

  • A microchip on its own is ineffective. Responsible owners need to register the chip number and their personal details with an appropriate database and update as necessary. It is important to remember that getting your dog chipped is just one slice in the pie of responsible dog ownership.
  • The cost of microchipping is minimal and is just a one-off cost for the lifetime of the dog. Most vets will charge between £10-£20 for microchipping.
  • A 2011 You Gov survey reveals 83% of the public strongly in favour of compulsory microchipping.

For more info regarding the compulsory dog microchipping law in England visit Compulsory Dog Microchipping From 2016

Haydn Ebbs
01 May 2013  |  14:52

Your comment that a microchip on its own is ineffective surely can not be correct. I though they were registered by the vet...if not THIS NEEDS TO BE ENFORCED. We took in a stray from Greece whilst there and even the vet in Greece done the registration.....