Dog Water Bottles - Tried and Tested

Me and my dogs simply can’t do without a good dog water bottle or travel bowl. When you are on your walkies you may not realise that your dog is getting thirsty until water is offered to them or they start drinking from a nasty puddle!

dog drinking from cup

For years I never took water with us on walks. I assumed my dogs were not bothered but did notice them drinking once they got in, so I realised they must have been thirsty. Doh!

After purchasing my first pet water bottle, I have never looked back. It goes with us on all our walks. My terrier Berkeley has even learnt how to ask for water by coming up to us and making a sucking sound with his mouth. Too cute!

Realising it was an essential piece of dog walking equipment was the easy part. As always, the hunt for the perfect water bottle was a little harder.

Not one to be deterred and with two thirsty dogs to walk, I tried two new products (I do love a bit of innovation on my hunt for dog products). One is a brand new concept that I couldn’t wait to test and the other is a design you will be more familiar with although there is a unique twist.

Lick & Flow Pet Water Bottle

Lick and Flow dog water bottle no bowl neededI was excited to try out the Lick n Flow. The idea is very clever and no bowl is needed at all, just the Lick n Flow bottle.

Here’s how it works. The hygienic stainless steel bottle has a patented roller ball in the nozzle. Simply remove the cap and tilt the bottle. Nothing comes out on its own accord (well, maybe a dribble so do turn it quickly) because the floating ball blocks the hole but let your dog lick and hey presto, as they lap the water comes out.

No bowl required and no waste or fuss.

It also comes with a carabiner-style clip for that all important hands-free carrying. Love it!

The water capacity goes from 250ml in the small bottle all the way up to an impressive 750ml (26oz).

Watch this video for a short demonstration. I tried it on my elderly terrier who has dementia, thinking he would not get it at all, but as you can see he took to it like a dog to water wink

Lick n Flow Dog Water Bottle

H202GO Dog Water Bottle

H202GO Dog Water Bottle & Bowl

My German Shepherd likes to drink her water from a bowl so this is the perfect solution. With H202GO you don't have to stress trying to fish out a separate bottle and bowl from your walkies bag.

The durable stainless steel water bottle has a clever bowl on the base. This keeps it handy and also keeps it away from the bottle opening, so water isn't contaminated by dog slobber and you can both have a drink. Love that!

The top of the bottle includes a removable carabiner clip so you can easily attach it to your bag or belt.

Two sizes for small and large dogs. Mini holds 350ml and Standard holds 750ml. And at just 90g and 150g respectively, you can carry them with ease.

Visit H202GO Dog Water Bottle.

Dog Travel Water Bottle & Drinking Bowl

Travel Bowls

Of course, you can take any bottle of water on walks with you. Standard water bottles are fine but do take care if you reuse the bottle. Make sure you give it a good clean in hot soapy water and make sure it is thoroughly dried before it is reused. Also make sure the condition of the bottle hasn’t deteriorated.

So anyway, you have your water bottle. To go with it you will need a travel cup or bowl, unless of course you have either of the dog water bottles mentioned above. wink

My favourite travel bowls are ones that are lightweight, fold flat and ideally can be clipped to my belt or dog’s lead, so I don’t have to carry it, try to squeeze it into my pocket or fumble about for it in my bag.

Popware dog travel cup

The three travel bowls that I want to tell you about are the Popware Collapsible Dog Travel Cup, the Fold-a-Bowl Dog Travel Bowl by EzyDog and the Original Quencher Bowl by Ruffwear.

They are all a similar idea but slightly different in practice so I’ll explain each one.

The Popware Travel Cup is small and handy. It is light and durable plus it collapses completely flat. Yay. Simply pop it out when your dog needs a drink. It has a carabiner-style clip which I love as you can easily attach it to your dog's lead, your bag or belt loop. I think it is great for small to medium dogs. The two cup sizes hold 8oz or 16oz.

So those are my picks. If you have been put off in the past from carrying water for your dog, I hope these products have given you some ideas. It doesn’t have to be a big inconvenience with these handy items and your dog will be very grateful for some all important H2O.

As always, if you have any questions, just ask.

By Jenny Prevel

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