Free Microchipping at a Vet Near You


Dogs Trust chip my dogIn April 2014 we did a blog about free dog microchipping offered through vets by Dogs Trust. The charity launched a Free Microchipping Through Vets campaign to offer all owners the opportunity to microchip their dog free of charge through participating vet practices.

It will soon be a legal obligation for all dogs to be chipped (England by April 2016 and Wales by March 2015).

1,542 veterinary surgeries have joined the campaign, giving up their time for free and enabling over 80,000 dogs to be microchipped since 1st April.

For your nearest participating vet or if you are a veterinary surgery who would like to take part, please call 0330 123 0334.

Where to get free microchipping

vet microchipping a dogFree microchipping is available throughout the year at all Dogs Trust rehoming centres (by appointment) as well as at their free chipping roadshows and over 1,500 veterinary practices across the country.

Register the chip

This is extremely important! If the vet or whoever is chipping your dog does not submit the paperwork for you, make sure you complete the form and mail it to the company. And even if the chipper submits the paperwork, it is a good idea to follow up with the database to make sure the chip was registered correctly.

Update details

It is vital that the owner takes responsibility for updating their details with the database should their details (phone number, address etc.) change. You must keep your dog’s microchip information up-to-date. If you don't the microchip is useless.

There are four microchip databases in the UK, so if your dog has been microchipped in the UK, the chip should be registered with one of these, if the corresponding paperwork has been completed.

If you need help with finding who your dog's chip is with or how to contact them, visit How To Check Your Dog's Microchip Details.

Further info

Dogs Trust have further info on All you need to know about microchipping.

Susan Clarke
04 October 2015  |  21:03

Could you plz tell me my nearest vets that do the free microchiping for dogs plz as I have. Boxer and a jack Russell that need them asap I live near Holywood co down in Belfast

D for Dog
04 October 2015  |  21:43

Please see the link in the article above, thank you. We are not offering this service, simply reporting on it.

Sarah Williams
20 October 2015  |  15:37

Where can i get my dog chip in cwmbran

D for Dog
20 October 2015  |  16:24

Please see the link in the article above, thank you. We are not offering this service, simply reporting on it.

Tracie Robey
18 February 2016  |  8:34

We are in doncaster

Sheila Barker
23 March 2016  |  9:43

Could you please help me as my dog has to be chipped i am elderly and live in harlow do you know where in my area i could get this done.Thankyou very much.
S Barker

Thomas Murray
24 March 2016  |  19:27

Where in! Dumfries can I get my dog microchip free

Steven Campbell
01 April 2016  |  12:24

Hello I have left this so late I was wondering where in Dumfries I could still get my dog chipped? Thank you.

Margaret Bernard
04 April 2016  |  19:42

Where in Stirling Scotland can l get my dog chipped free

Tracy Hubery
05 April 2016  |  0:07

Where do I get my dog chipped I live in peterlee Co durham

Wanda Brown
05 April 2016  |  14:29

Are there any vets in the cupar five area doing free or low cost dog chipping?

Ann Bradley
12 April 2016  |  10:14

Any vets in sheffield doing free chipping for dogs

Mrs Moore
20 April 2016  |  20:54

Any vets in birmingham offering free microchipping please

Sharon McCabe
20 May 2016  |  18:43

Where can I get my dog free microchipped in chester

24 July 2016  |  18:20

Hi hoeing for some advice im looking to microchip my litter of 8 pups is there anywhere that is doing them for free

Carol Herring
13 April 2017  |  3:05

Can i get my puppy micro chip for free

Tabby Phillips
16 April 2017  |  22:09

I'm looking for a place to get my 3 puppy's chips for free. I live near jasonville fl & Gainesville fl