Chill Out Dog Cooling Mat
Chill Out Dog Cooling Mat
Chill Out Dog Cooling Mat
Chill Out Dog Cooling Mat

Chill Out Dog Cooling Mat

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Keep your dog cool during the warm summer days with this ingenious Chill Out cool mat for dogs. The inner of this clever dog cooling mat contains a special cooling gel that keeps the outside surface of the mat cool to the touch, even on a hot day. Simply let your dog chill out on the mat to reduce their body temperature.

The heat exchange process happens naturally without the need for electricity or any other source of energy. You don't need to soak it, add water, place it in the fridge or plug it in. Your dog simply laying on the mat is enough for the magic to work. The cool pad will feel about 10°C cooler than the surrounding area and the cooling effect lasts for 3-4 hours of use. The gel will re-cool itself during periods of non-use. Usually the dog moving about or leaving for an hour or so gives the mat time to restore its effectiveness.

dog cooling mat

Easy to use and safe for your dog - non-toxic cooling gel inside. Can be used on any floor surface, in their bed, crate, or even in the car. However, be careful not to leave the mat in direct sunlight, heat or hot air. Place in a cool area.

  • Easy to use - simply place on the floor
  • Reduces body temperature by up to 10°C
  • Folds for easy storage or travel
  • No need for refrigeration, electricity or water
  • Non-toxic and not harmful to pets
  • Suitable for small pets, dogs and humans

Gentle cooling for your dog, whatever the weather.

 Size  Dimensions
 Medium  50cm x 40cm (20" x 16")
 Large  90cm x 60cm (35" x 24")

Wipe clean (do not machine wash).

Does my dog need a cool mat?

Dogs are prone to overheating. They are trapped in fur coats all year round and they can't sweat to regulate their body temperature. Many dogs seek out cool places to relax and will often lay on hard floors in a bid to cool down. This cool mat offers your dog an alternative, more comfortable place to chill out.

Please note

Best placed away from direct sunlight.
Clean with a damp cloth.
If your dog is unsure at first, place the mat in their usual favourite relaxing place and let them discover its coolness.
Do not step on the mat or allow it to be pierced.

Made with durable, high quality PVC and contains non-toxic gel. However, if your dog is young or likely to try to rip / destroy it, please supervise use.

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2 Reviews:

my dog
17 July 2020  |  P

My dog Darcy loves the cooling mat,I have used it myself now and then when I have been out gardening and got rather warm!

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Cool dog
08 June 2015  |  Kathy

Great idea, have it in the dog stroller and has proven essential on a hot day.

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