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ThermLOW Dog Cool Coat
ThermLOW Dog Cool CoatThermLOW Dog Cool CoatThermLOW Dog Cool Coat
ThermLOW Dog Cool CoatThermLOW Dog Cool CoatThermLOW Dog Cool Coat

ThermLOW Dog Cool Coat

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Price:  £30.00

product information

The ThermLOW dog cooling coat is the simple way to keep your dog cool and comfortable even on a hot summer’s day. Our cool coat has been designed for the best fit (a customised fit is even available) and the most effective cooling you can find, with the chest covered as well as your dog's back. The high quality, super absorbent, evaporative chamois material gives amazing cooling, indoors or out. Simply activate the jacket with ordinary tap water and let it work its magic.

Dog cool coat Thermlow

ThermLOW is the best cool coat for dogs on the market, in our opinion, and here's why. The chamois-type fabric we use is of the highest quality, unlike cheaper alternatives. Quality fabric absorbs water better, giving a much longer lasting and effective cooling experience for your dog. We have also included a chest section to ThermLOW - something not offered in any other cool coat on the market. Each garment is expertly handmade in the UK and beautifully finished, for years of use. Not only that but if your dog is not a standard size, do not worry. For just an extra few pounds your dog can have one made exactly to their own measurements. Woof!

Provides relief from the effects of heat in hot weather and during or after exercise. Perfect for walks, travelling and activities. Can even be used indoors. Specially designed to keep your dog cool in situations where they are at risk of feeling hot or overheating.

Your dog will feel comfortable and cool. No heavy materials, chemicals or bulky gels - just a special lightweight absorbent material activated by water. These cooling coats are soft, light, comfortable to wear and 100% safe. You will be amazed at how well they work.

ThermLOW dog cooling coat official label

  • Easy to use
  • Helps prevent overheating
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Quality fabric for effective, long lasting cooling
  • Water activated (no refrigeration needed)
  • No chemicals or bulky gels
  • Wear indoors and out
  • Does not drip or make your dog wet
  • Quality design and construction
  • Bespoke sizing option available
  • UK made

Other cooling coats tend to be a standard jacket cut that lays over the dog’s back and fastens at the front and belly. The ThermLOW is different. This cooling vest pops over your dog’s head for the perfect fit and an adjustable Velcro tummy strap secures it.

ThermLOW's clever design means that the vest covers your dog’s chest as well as their back, covering and cooling more areas of your dog than other designs on the market. It also makes it much less likely to slide sideways when in use.

UK made

Your dog will feel comfortably cooler - not cold or chilly but just right. The material is durable and won’t easily rip or tear. You can expect years of use and will soon wonder how you managed without it.

Cool coat use and care

Soak in water from the cold tap for a few minutes, until soaked through. Lightly squeeze out any excess water (do not wring), place your dog’s head through the vest and secure with the Velcro straps. Top up with water whenever it starts to dry out.

Don't try to unfold, unfasten or flatten the coat when it is dry. Soak it first to soften the material.

If using every day, you can store it slightly damp in the sealable bag provided. Otherwise, hang to dry.

If necessary, gently hand wash or machine wash at 30 degrees. It is best to fasten the Velcro first to stop it sticking to other pieces of fabric. Do not tumble dry. Do not use fabric softeners or conditioners.

How does it work?

Made from PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) foam. This material is markedly greater than other materials at absorbing and retaining water. It is also durable. The ability of PVA foam to retain water makes it ideal for cooling products. The water held in the material slowly evaporates, drawing heat away from your dog’s body and reducing their temperature. The cooling effect lasts until the coat starts to dry out, which can be an hour or two on a very hot day and quite a few hours on a typical warm day. To reactivate simply soak in water again or poor some water over it.

When can I use it?

Use at home, on walks, travelling in the car, during activities such as Agility or Flyball, after exercise - any time you need to prevent a rise in temperature or lower your dog's temperature.

when to wear ThermLOW dog cool coat

It is best used as a preventative measure but can also be used to reduce a dog’s temperature if they are already feeling the effects of heat.

How will I know it is working?

Your dog will visibly pant less and will be able to enjoy walks and activities for longer and on warm days than they can without the cooling vest. It will feel cool to the touch. Touch it and see. Or put your hand under the coat and you will notice your dog feels noticeably cooler.

Can be worn outside or even indoors to cool your dog down.

Measuring guide

measuring guide

Please measure your dog to get the correct fit. Use a soft tape measure and measure your dog when they are standing up.

Length - Measure from the base of the dog's neck to the base of the tail.

Girth - Measure around your dog's middle, approx halfway between the front and back legs.

Neck - If you are also taking a neck measurement, measure the circumference of the neck at the widest part.

Standard sizes

 Size  Length  Girth
 X Small  35cm  30-38cm
 Small  40cm  38-45cm
 C1 *  40cm  45-55cm
 C2 *  45cm  50-60cm
 C3 *  40cm  55-65cm
 Medium  48cm  45-52cm
 Intermediate  54cm  50-58cm
 Large  60cm  55-65cm
 Large Wide **  60cm  75-85cm
 Large Deep **  65cm  65-75cm
 X Large  70cm  65-80cm
 2XL  80cm  75-90cm
 3XL  85cm  85-100cm

* Sizes C1, C2 and C3 have been designed to suit breed shapes such as (but not exclusive to) French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers.

** Large Wide is suitable for stockier bodies (e.g. Lab) while Large Deep is suitable for deep chests (e.g. Vizsla, Pointer, Dalmatian).

Bespoke sizes

If you are ordering a bespoke garment (made especially to fit your dog if they do not fit any of the standard sizes above), please choose a bespoke length from the size drop-down box and then enter your dog's actual measurements in the boxes provided. The maker will use those measurements to make a coat that fits your dog. Approx. 10% is added to the neck measurement so that it sits comfortably at the neck and fits over the dog's head.

Please measure carefully and state your dog's measurements in centimetres (cm).

Returns or exchanges

ThermLOW must be returned within 14 days in the sealed bag provided and still in its soft and supple state. Try the coat on your dog. If it does not fit please fold it back up and put it straight back into the sealed bag. Coats should not be soaked or allowed to dry out if they are going to be returned or exchanged. Thank you.

Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted for bespoke coats (where you have supplied measurements and the coat has been made to fit your dog).

Heat stress in dogs - do cooling vests actually help?

Video by Bronwyn Prytz (BSc BVSc Hons)

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customer reviews
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Very Chilled Doggie
Wednesday, 11 September 2019  |  Rachael

Bought a custom jacket for our Cocker in Spain still been 35 degrees, he loves it.

Will I buy again - simple YES!

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Happier dog
Thursday, 22 August 2019  |  Janet

i live in Greece with some very very hot weather. My dog is black so really important to protect from the sun.
This coat much superior to a previous one.
I'm happy when people ask me why a coat in the sun? Humans want them too!!
I would like boots as well because still big problem with hot roads
Please make some'

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Incredible service and great product
Tuesday, 20 August 2019  |  Sue

I contacted Jenny to ask (a lot of) questions about the thermolow coat for my Lurcher, Jay. She was very patient and explained everything I needed to know. She all kindly ensured the order was with me in double quick time, so allow me to take the coat on holiday with us. The coat is easy to use, and fits well, which is not always the case for a Lurcher, due to their shape. Would definitely recommend on the basis of customer service and fit - canít comment on the effectiveness as yet, as it hasnít been warm enough to try it since!

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Brilliant product
Thursday, 25 July 2019  |  Pamela

We bought a Therm low cooling vest for our elderly labradoodle who had been suffering greatly with the heat, wow what massive difference it has made to him, he is now so much more active and no more panting day and night, what a brilliant product, fantastic that we could get a tailored fit for him, thank you so much.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

THE Best!
Tuesday, 23 July 2019  |  Anne

Fits perfectly and won't shake off. Very pleased.

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Monday, 22 July 2019  |  Lorraine

This little coat fits my little Shiz Shu perfectly. She has a really thick puppy coat and it really helps her.

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ThermLow cool coat
Thursday, 18 July 2019  |  Jacqueline

Very happy with my purchase. It looks good and the fit is great on my dog (was made to measure). It has helped keep him cooler on our walks in the hot weather. We have had a lot of compliments from fellow dog owners when we have been out.

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Dog cool coat
Tuesday, 16 July 2019  |  Jennie

Was recommended to get a cool coat by my Vet. It was an expensive purchase as I have a big dog but it is worth every penny. He is very comfortable wearing it and it has taken away my worries that he is too hot, especially travelling in the car. It really keeps him cool and lasts quite a few hours. He thinks he looks cool too! Would certainly recommend this product.

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Perfect !
Saturday, 13 July 2019  |  Alison

The vet advised a cooler coat for my new rescue dog as she has a thick black coat.
The ThermLOW Dog Cool Coat is fantastic ! Easy to use and compact.
My dog and I wouldn't be without it and she even wore it inside on the very hot day !

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019  |  June

First class service, received my items very quick. I would definitely from them again

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