Freckles Dog Drying Coat - Underbelly
Freckles Dog Drying Coat - Underbelly
Freckles Dog Drying Coat - Underbelly
Freckles Dog Drying Coat - Underbelly

Freckles Dog Drying Coat - Underbelly

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Product info

Our popular drying dog coat with microfibre towelling but this time with an added underbelly. These coats are perfect for drying your dog when they get wet and also keeping them warm. Use them after a bath at home or even after a wet walk or when your dog has had a swim. Pop one onto your dog in the car on the way home to get them dry and keep them warm.

Simply slip it over your dog's head and fasten the underbelly strap. Microfibre towelling dries your dog much faster than standard towelling and has much greater absorption properties so your dog dries in extra quick time.

No more messing about with bulky, ineffective bath towels. No more chasing a wet dog around the house. No more cold, wet dogs shivering after walkies, a swim or bath time. These coats fit snug on your dog ensuring moisture is quickly absorbed. And with the added underbelly protection you can be sure that every part of your dog gets dry.

  • After a wet or cold walk
  • After a bath or swim
  • At home
  • In the car

These drying dog coats have a high quality black microfibre towelling body and belly liner. The outer part of the coat is soft, cosy fleece in a great choice of colours - red, blue, navy, purple or green.

The microfibre towelling absorbs water from your wet dog. As the dog dries, their body heat then also dries the towelling, so when you remove the coat you will often find your dog and the drying coat are both dry.

Not just for bath time, they are also great for in the car. If you have been on a fun but wet walk simply put the coat on your dog and let them get warm and dry all the way home. Or they can be used in the house and are especially good at preventing wet beds and sofas if your dog usually tries to get dry by rubbing against all your soft furnishings. Wonderfully versatile and very useful.


measuring guide

Please measure your dog to get the correct fit. The measuring guide below will help you take the correct measurements. Use a soft tape measure and measure your dog when they are standing up.

Length - Measure from the base of the dog's neck to the base of the tail.

Girth - Measure around your dog's middle, approx halfway between the front and back legs.

Neck - If you are also taking a neck measurement, measure the circumference of the neck at the widest part.

 Size  Length  Girth
 X Small  35cm  30-38cm
 Small  40cm  38-45cm
 Medium  48cm  45-52cm
 Intermediate  54cm  50-58cm
 Large  60cm  55-65cm
 Large Wide *  60cm  75-85cm
 Large Deep *  62cm  65-75cm
 X Large  70cm  65-80cm
 2XL  80cm  75-90cm
 3XL  85cm  85-100cm

* Large Wide is suitable for stockier bodies while Large Deep is suitable for deep chests.

If none of the standard sizes are quite right for your dog, you can choose the bespoke option from the size drop-down box and enter your dog's measurements so a drying coat can be made especially for them.


Machine washable at 40 degrees (fasten the Velcro first so it doesn’t stick to the coat or other items of clothing). Do not use fabric conditioners or softeners as this can affect the absorbency properties. Tumble drying is not recommended and do not iron.

Which drying coat?

There are 3 designs to choose from. You are currently viewing the 'Underbelly' drying coat.

Original This design is the simplest - just like a standard coat shape which lies over the dog's back and fastens at the dog's front and middle.
Underbelly The Underbelly version goes over the dog's head. There is a front section that goes between the front legs, covering the chest and first half of the dog's torso, to the middle of the body where it fastens.
Ultimate Providing the most coverage, the Ultimate is the same style as the Underbelly (goes on over the head and covers the chest to the middle of the torso) but with the addition of a cosy polo neck and a fastening at the rear to fully enclose your dog in the drying coat.

Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted for drying coats that have been used. If necessary please try the coat on dry when it arrives. Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted at all for bespoke drying coats (where you have supplied measurements and the coat has been made to fit your dog). Please measure carefully and state the measurements in centimetres (cm).

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