Go-Robe Cool & Dry Coat
Go-Robe Cool & Dry Coat
Go-Robe Cool & Dry Coat

Go-Robe Cool & Dry Coat

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Product info

The Go-Robe dual purpose dog drying robe and cooling coat allows your dog to go play, explore and enjoy all kind of adventures knowing that there is one handy robe ready to cool or dry them. Go-Robe can be soaked in water to keep your dog cool on warm days or used dry like a towel dog bath robe if you want help to dry your dog after a summer swim or showery spring walk.

Simply use dry as a dog bath robe or soak in water to use as a cooling coat.

Made of a single layer of quality cotton rich terry towelling fabric in three gorgeous colours. Choose from fuschia pink, mid aqua blue or zesty orange.

Go-Robe dog drying and cooling coat official label

Dog cooling coat use

As a cooling coat, Go-Robe provides relief from the effects of the heat in hot weather and during or after exercise. Perfect for walks, travels and activities. It can even be used indoors. Soak in water from the cold tap for a few minutes until soaked through. Lightly squeeze out any excess water, place over your dog's head and secure with the girth strap. Top up with more water whenever it starts to dry out.

Towelling is great at absorbing and retaining water. The water held in the material slowly evaporates, drawing heat away from your dog's body and reducing their temperature. The cooling effect lasts until the coat starts to dry out. To reactivate simply soak in water again or gently poor some water over the garment while it is on your dog.

Dog bath robe use

Perfect for adding a layer of drying warmth without having to hold your dog in a towel. Great for use on days out, indoors or travelling home in the car. For drying, Go-Robe is best used as a summer drying robe as it has been designed to be a lightweight single towelling layer robe. For a thicker and more efficient winter drying coat, please see the Freckles Ultimate Dog Drying Coat.

The design

Made in the UK

The 100% cotton loop on the towel fabric provides high absorbency while the 90% cotton mix base ensures the fabric remains intact and in shape use after use, wash after wash. Towelling is great at holding water and the single towel layer design means this cooling and drying robe is lightweight and practical.

The clever design goes over your dog's head, giving back and chest coverage for more thorough cooling or drying. A black webbing tummy strap with buckle secures the robe in place.

Each garment is expertly handmade in the UK and beautifully finished with black bias binding for shape retention and darts at the back for a great fit around your dog's body. A handy belt loop on the top keeps the girth strap neatly in place.

If your dog is not a standard size, do not worry - your dog can have one made exactly to their own measurements. Woof!

Fabric: 100% cotton loop with woven through 90% cotton and 10% polyester base. 340 gsm. Oeko-Tex 100 - certified free of harmful substances.

Measuring guide

measuring guide for dog cooling coat

Please measure your dog to get the correct fit. Use a soft tape measure and measure your dog when they are standing up.

Length - Measure from the base of the dog's neck to the base of the tail.

Girth - Measure around your dog's middle, approx halfway between the front and back legs.

Head Hole - To check if the garment's head hole is suitable for your dog, please make the appropriate sized loop with your tape measure, place it over your dog's head and check that it sits comfortably below their neck line.

Standard sizes

 Size  Length  Average Girth  Head Hole
 X Small  35cm  35cm  30cm
 Small  40cm  40cm  32cm
 C1 *  40cm  50cm  40cm
 C2 *  45cm  55cm  45cm
 C3 *  40cm  60cm  50cm
 Medium  48cm  48cm  35cm
 Intermediate  54cm  54cm  38cm
 Large  60cm  60cm  40cm
 Large Wide **  60cm  75cm  55cm
 Large Deep **  62cm  65cm  46cm
 X Large  70cm  75cm  51cm
 2XL  80cm  85cm  60cm
 3XL  85cm  100cm  80cm

* Sizes C1, C2 and C3 have been designed to suit breed shapes such as (but not exclusive to) French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers.

** Large Wide is suitable for stockier bodies (e.g. Lab) while Large Deep is suitable for deep chests (e.g. Vizsla, Pointer, Dalmatian).

Bespoke sizes

Extra measurements are needed for a bespoke garment. Please also measure the circumference of your dog's neck at the widest part (for the neck measurement) and around your dog's body behind their front legs at the deepest part of the chest (for the chest measurement).

If you are ordering a bespoke garment (made especially to fit your dog if they do not fit any of the standard sizes above or if they are a certain shape e.g. greyhounds), please choose a bespoke length from the size drop-down box and then enter your dog's actual measurements in the boxes provided. The maker will use those measurements to make a coat that fits your dog. Approx. 10% is added to the neck measurement so that it fits over the dog's head and sits comfortably at the neck.

Please measure carefully and state all your dog's measurements in centimetres (cm).

Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted for bespoke coats (where you have supplied measurements and the coat has been made to fit your dog).

Washing instructions

Go-Robe can be machine washed at 40 degrees. Tumble dry on a cool setting. Fasten buckle before washing.

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