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Speciality Dog Bedding

Our range of speciality dog bedding includes thermal mats for natural warmth on chilly nights and comfort for convalescing dogs, cool pads for reducing your dog's body temperature on hot summer days, microwave and electric heat pads to beat the winter cold and waterproof blankets for furniture protection or those little accidents.

Cooling, thermal and incontinence dog bedding

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Wet Dog Waterproof Mat

Wet Dog Waterproof Matfrom:  £34.50  (12)

Padded Dog Cooling Mat

Padded Dog Cooling Matfrom:  £9.99  (1)

Chill Out Fresh Breeze Dog Mat

Chill Out Fresh Breeze Dog Matfrom:  £35.99

Purfleece Pet & Vet Bedding

Purfleece Pet & Vet Beddingfrom:  £11.34  (2)

Hotties Microwave Pet Warmer

Hotties Microwave Pet Warmerfrom:  £17.99

Flectabed Thermal Dog Bed

Flectabed Thermal Dog Bedfrom:  £19.90  (4)

Flectabed Fleece Cover

Flectabed Fleece Coverfrom:  £11.60  (1)

Flectabed Waterproof Cover

Flectabed Waterproof Coverfrom:  £10.90  (3)

Miaboo Luxury Burrow Dog Bed

Miaboo Luxury Burrow Dog Bedfrom:  £110.00

Dog Sofa Sack

Dog Sofa Sackfrom:  £33.00  (2)

Deluxe Shaggy Pooch Pod

Deluxe Shaggy Pooch Podfrom:  £105.00  (1)


Page 1 of 1:    11 Items