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Suitical Dog Recovery Vest

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Important:  While we understand that these items need to be tried on, returns and exchanges are only permitted for items and packets received back in a resaleable condition. Please do not cut the packaging open. Please use the resealable pack opening.

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product information

The Suitical Dog Recovery Suit (formerly Medical Pet Shirt) is a protective dog vest for post operative care, wounds, skin disease, skin issues and allergies, when in season, for incontinence and after neutering operations (spaying or castration). This veterinary approved, breathable body suit allows healing to take place whilst protecting and offering you peace of mind.

Suitical dog protective suit

Depending on where the wound or injury is, these protective shirts can be much more secure, effective and convenient than using an Elizabethan dog collar and can even reduce anxiety and stress. Like a baby grow for dogs, it is designed for their specific shape and needs.

The lightweight and breathable stretch fabric is made from Cotton and Lycra. This protective dog vest offers good protection, comfort and warmth after operations or in cases of skin disease, whilst allowing your dog to retain freedom of movement.

It has a double skin around the belly enabling pads to be inserted in the case of fluid loss, incontinence or when the animal is in season.

The Suitical medical pet shirt fully protects your dog's torso and rear end. It needs to be unfastened at the rear when your dog needs to toilet.

Post Operative Recovery

dog recovery suit

- Reduces stress, fear and uncertainly after an operation compared to a standard collar, thanks to the snug and comfortable fit.
- Prevents your dog touching the wound easily.
- It is not tight fitting around the belly. The double skin fabric around the belly part of the vest is roomier to promote air circulation.
- The interior of is light blue making control of fluid from the wound fluids easier.
- In cases of large amounts of fluid from the wound a pants liner (nappies) can be inserted inside or between the double layers on the belly.
- Before the operation the pet will usually be shaved and an anaesthetic will cause their temperature to drop. After the operation the vest gives warmth to your dog whilst they recover.

Skin Diseases

dog medical suitAs well as wound healing and protection, this medical pet shirt can be used in cases of skin disease where protection is required. This protective vest will prevent possible further damage to the skin caused by scratching, licking or biting. In turn, this promotes faster healing as medications remain longer on the skin.

In Season and Incontinence

This product will reduce the risk of blood or urine strains in your house. In cases of incontinence or if your pet is in season the medical pet shirt can be fitted with a sanitary towel or pants liner. In contrast to standard in season shorts it is very difficult for your pet to wriggle out of. This is more hygienic for you and your pet.

Size Guide

With your dog standing, measure along your dog's back, from nape of neck (approx. where a collar would sit) to base (start) of tail. For in-between sizes we recommend going with the smaller of the two sizes for slim dogs and the larger of the two sizes for broad dogs.

Suitical dog recovery suit

 Size  Length (cm)
 XXX Small  22-35cm
 XX Small  33-42cm
 X Small  40-45cm
 Small  43-51cm
 Small+  49-57cm
 Medium  56-69cm
 Medium+  61-72cm
 Large  67-76cm
 X Large  74-82cm
 XX Large  80-92cm

IMPORTANT - Please always measure your dog.

Made of stretch material cotton / Lycra. Comfortable, hygienic and can be washed at 30º C.

The open ended back end makes fitting and removing the shirt very easy. With small dogs the head must be inserted first into the shirt followed by each front leg (separately) into the openings provided. With large dogs (long legs) it is easier to insert one front leg followed by the head and then the other leg into the provided openings. Then pull back as far as possible over the dog's body. The two straps on the belly side are secured by threading them between the rear legs and then attaching them under the shirt near the base of the tail. Make sure that there is enough room for tail movement.

Please note that, as with bandages or other protection, a determined dog may pull, tear or chew at the product. Use under supervision. Please also note that the vest needs to be unfastened at the rear for the dog to go to the toilet.

If your dog’s injury is only at the top half of their torso and you don’t need lower back, belly or incontinence protection, please see the shorter Protective Pet Topshirt.

Important - Returns and Exchanges

While we understand that these items need to be tried on, returns and exchanges are only permitted for items and packets received back in a new and resaleable condition. Please do not return items in anything less than an 'as new' condition and do not cut the packaging open. This would invalidate your right to return. Please use the resealable opening to remove the item from its packet.

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suitical Dog Vest
Tuesday, 17 April 2018  |  Sharon

Bought this vest to make Zara my Bichon feel more comfy after being spayed. She had razor burn and obviously the wound itself, that I needed to keep clean and germ free.
The cone of shame, was a nightmare..made her miserable
and did not protect her skin from hind leg stratching.
So I ordered the vest, and its a fantastic product. Soft material, easy to wash, looks cute on.
Did the job well, her skin quickly healed once I bought her this vest.
The company is great to deal with, keeping me informed
and quick delivery.
The vest has an internal pocket for pads suitable for heat
or incontinance protection, therefore its a handy garment to own, for multiple purpose.
I bought size small for my 6kg Bichon and found it a good fit.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2018  |  Sarah

my 6 month mini schnauzer just had an op and I tried the cone which just got in the way so I tried the vest - perfect! and actually looked good on him
I made the mistake of buying one from the vet so I had one in the wash but the fit wasn't nearly as good - I wish id bought two of this one
washed up well and dried quickly on the radiator

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Monday, 2 April 2018  |  Jean

We bought this suit when we had out 10 month old puppy neutered.He hated the cone but was very happy in his suit. Will probably be fine to use also as a thunder jacket if we need to at sometime. Brilliant idea.

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Fantastic product!
Saturday, 10 March 2018  |  Carol

Fit and material are excellent. Washed it a couple of times and came up great.

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Suitical dog vest
Wednesday, 7 March 2018  |  Jo

Very good product that fits my GSP very well.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018  |  Hazel

So happy with this purchase. Bought after my dog was spayed as I didn't want her to have to wear an uncomfortable cone or inflatable collar but needed the protection. Absolutely brilliant. Super soft, well made, easy popper system for toilet time, washes well. Great fit, not too tight or too loose. She loved it and we've used it since under her coat for walking when really cold. Worth every penny!!! Great service from DforDog too. Very responsive to questions and super friendly. Can't recommend the product and the seller enough!

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Suitacal Dog Suit
Thursday, 22 February 2018  |  Debi

Deefa my Dog needs to wear this most of the time as she has skin cancer and open sores. Our other dog Paddy keeps licking Deefas sores - hence the suit. The suit fits really well and looks great and she seems comfortable in it. The down side is that we have to keep unclipping the suit for her to wee. When we go for a walk we have to remove the suit in case she suddenly squats to wee and we cannot unclip the gusset fast enough (this has happened a few times and we have had to carry a soggy suit back home). She needs the suit especially when we go out as her back is covered with 'open' sores. and she loves a roll in whatever she finds.
She mostly wears the suit with the gusset rolled up and clipped in place to stop her standing on it.

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Did the job
Wednesday, 21 February 2018  |  Judith

My male dog was recently neutered and I was concerned about keeping the wound clean and dry for a couple of weeks as instructed by the vet. It's impossible to stop his underside getting wet and dirty when he goes out in the rain. I thought this suit might be helpful. It is not waterproof but has a pocket at the rear underside into which I was able to put a sanitary pad and it did the job brilliantly. As I am at home all day I was able to keep an eye on the dog to make sure he didn't mess with his stitches and just put the suit on him when I was going out. He didn't mind the suit at all and seemed quite comfortable in it. The only niggle is that there is no opening for the male appendage. My dog cocks his leg every few minutes on a walk and it wasn't practical to keep undoing the fastening, so I ended up cutting a hole for this. It would be really useful if this could be built in but I have seen the reasons it's not done. This is why I have not given 5 stars, I would have given 4.5. I appreciate the suit is probably intended for indoor use in which case it is excellent.

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Medical vest
Friday, 16 February 2018  |  Keith

Bought this product for my whippet for use after she was sorted. Worked very well giving great protection for healing wound. We still use it at night for extra warmth. Great delivery service. Definitely recommend this best for any dogs that cannot get on with head cones.

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Suitical suit made recovery easy
Saturday, 3 February 2018  |  Fiona

Just had my two whippets spayed - gulp -at the same time, these suits were brilliant as not only did it stop them interfering with their own stitches but also with each others. Gave me complete peace of mind at night and if I had to leave them. Because of whippets slightly unusual shapes I was concerned they wouldn't fit but after a good chat re sizing with a very helpful and friendly lady at D for Dog I went ahead and am so glad I did. As advised I took them to the vets to be put on postop while still sedated and the vet nurse said they'd seen a few recovery suits and these were the highest quality ones she and the vet had seen and where did I get them! They were really easy to get on and off, again the lady I spoke to offered advice on the best way to do this, they wash well and dry quite quickly. Frankly a brilliant product.

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