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Suitical Dog Recovery Vest

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Important:  While we understand that these items need to be tried on, returns and exchanges are only permitted for items and packets received back in a resaleable condition. Please do not cut the packaging open. Please use the resealable pack opening.

This item is usually dispatched the same working day (orders placed before 3pm) by Royal Mail 1st class post.

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product information

The Suitical Dog Recovery Suit (formerly Medical Pet Shirt) is a protective dog vest for post operative care, wounds, skin disease, skin issues and allergies, when in season, for incontinence and after neutering operations (spaying or castration). This veterinary approved, breathable body suit allows healing to take place whilst protecting and offering you peace of mind.

Suitical dog protective suit

Depending on where the wound or injury is, these protective shirts can be much more secure, effective and convenient than using an Elizabethan dog collar and can even reduce anxiety and stress. Like a baby grow for dogs, it is designed for their specific shape and needs.

The lightweight and breathable stretch fabric is made from Cotton and Lycra. This protective dog vest offers good protection, comfort and warmth after operations or in cases of skin disease, whilst allowing your dog to retain freedom of movement.

It has a double skin around the belly enabling pads to be inserted in the case of fluid loss, incontinence or when your pet is in season.

The Suitical medical pet shirt fully protects your dog's torso and rear end. It needs to be unfastened at the rear when your dog needs to toilet.

Post Operative Recovery

dog recovery suit

- Reduces stress, fear and uncertainly after an operation compared to a standard collar, thanks to the snug and comfortable fit.
- Prevents your dog touching the wound easily.
- It is not tight fitting around the belly. The double skin fabric around the belly part of the vest is roomier to promote air circulation.
- The interior of is light blue making control of fluid from the wound fluids easier.
- In cases of large amounts of fluid from the wound a pants liner (nappies) can be inserted inside or between the double layers on the belly.
- Before the operation the pet will usually be shaved and an anaesthetic will cause their temperature to drop. After the operation the vest gives warmth to your dog whilst they recover.

Skin Diseases

dog medical suitAs well as wound healing and protection, this medical pet shirt can be used in cases of skin disease where protection is required. This protective vest will prevent possible further damage to the skin caused by scratching, licking or biting. In turn, this promotes faster healing as medications remain longer on the skin.

In Season and Incontinence

This product will reduce the risk of blood or urine strains in your house. In cases of incontinence or if your pet is in season the medical pet shirt can be fitted with a sanitary towel or pants liner. In contrast to standard in season shorts it is very difficult for your pet to wriggle out of. This is more hygienic for you and your pet.

Size Guide

With your dog standing, measure along your dog's back, from nape of neck (approx. where a collar would sit) to base (start) of tail. For in-between sizes we recommend going with the smaller of the two sizes for slim dogs and the larger of the two sizes for broad dogs.

Suitical dog recovery suit

 Size Length (cm)
 XXX Small 22-35cm
 XX Small 33-42cm
 X Small 40-45cm
 Small 43-51cm
 Small+ 49-57cm
 Medium 56-69cm
 Medium+ 61-72cm
 Large 67-76cm
 X Large 74-82cm
 XX Large 80-92cm

IMPORTANT - Please always measure your dog.

Made of stretch material cotton / Lycra. Comfortable, hygienic and can be washed at 30º C.

The open ended back end makes fitting and removing the shirt very easy. With small dogs the head must be inserted first into the shirt followed by each front leg (separately) into the openings provided. With large dogs (long legs) it is easier to insert one front leg followed by the head and then the other leg into the provided openings. Then pull back as far as possible over the dog's body. The two straps on the belly side are secured by threading them between the rear legs and then attaching them under the shirt near the base of the tail. Make sure that there is enough room for tail movement.

Please note that, as with bandages or other protection, a determined dog may pull, tear or chew at the product. Use under supervision. Please also note that the vest needs to be unfastened at the rear for the dog to go to the toilet.

If your dog’s injury is only at the top half of their torso and you don’t need lower back, belly or incontinence protection, please see the shorter Protective Pet Topshirt.

Important - Returns and Exchanges

While we understand that these items need to be tried on, returns and exchanges are only permitted for items and packets received back in a new and resaleable condition. Please do not return items in anything less than an 'as new' condition and do not cut the packaging open. This would invalidate your right to return. Please use the resealable opening to remove the item from its packet.

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suittical dog recovery vest
Monday, 18 February 2019  |  Anne

very pleased with the product

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Abdominal surgery
Friday, 8 February 2019  |  John

I bought a suitical for our dog after abdominal surgery. It was great and meant he only has to wear the cone of shame overnight. I ordered from D for Dog and the item arrived the following day. Great service and value for money


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Excellent product
Wednesday, 23 January 2019  |  Catherine

This vest worked very well after my Labrador had major surgery and had a neck wound and a large abdominal wound. It fitted perfectly and kept his wounds clean and dry and kept him warm. I was concerned about how he would toilet in the full vest but I simply pulled the back fastening up over his shoulders and fastened them to the front and that created a half vest whilst he was out. It was easy to pull it back down again. I would recommend this product. My dog seemed to love it and it went on and off easily due to the stretch. It worked well for us. ! It also washed well.

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Fitted perfectly
Sunday, 30 December 2018  |  Peter

Arrived the next day and fitted perfectly. Gave our dog a break from the surgical collar.


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good quality jacket
Saturday, 29 December 2018  |  Lorna

very well made, good quality material, fits my little jack Russell perfectly and she doesn't mind getting into it or wearing it.

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very suitable
Monday, 10 December 2018  |  Lorna

good quality, well made, fits my XXS jack Russell, she doesn't mind getting into it and wearing it. all ready for her spaying op.

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Much better than a lampshade
Tuesday, 4 December 2018  |  Liz

Bought this for our one year old collie after she was spayed as she looked so miserable in her lampshade collar and kept hitting me in the leg. The small plus was a snug fit, possibly should have got a medium. It did the job, stopped her licking her wound and easy to unpop when she needed to go outside

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Couldnt have managed without it
Tuesday, 27 November 2018  |  Jan

Our dog had an operation and kept banging the wound with the edge of her "lampshade". The suitacle softened the impact however she could still lick at the wound through the suit if the collar was removed for her to eat or drink. But we found a combination of a different collar with poppers and a bound edge and the suitical did the trick and at last the wound started to heal. Four weeks after the op she is still wearing the vest without the collar until the hair regrows. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because there are no instructions for putting on and how to fasten it when they go outside for a wee. In fact we don't use the official method of fastening it for toilet purposes because it came unravelled - but it is possible to just popthe trailing bits up at the back. she seems to find it comforting. An excellent buy. You have to remember to allow them some time without the vest so that the air can get to wounds.

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D for Dog says:

Thank you for your review. I just wanted to say that the last sentence is not correct. This product is completely breathable and veterinary approved. It does not need to be removed to let the wound breathe. It can be left on 24/7 :-)

Just right
Monday, 5 November 2018  |  Caroline

I ordered in time for my labradoodle's neutering and it worked perfectly. He was much happier in this than a collar and he didn't chew it. His wound has healed really well, in part at least, due too this suit.

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Suitical Dog Recovery Vest
Tuesday, 30 October 2018  |  Judith

I was very pleased with this product. It fitted well and arrived very quickly

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